Hyperiums is an online strategy game where you can also enjoy space battling. The game includes a fascinating technology tree where you can see technologies, their costs, needs and what a certain technology brings. In Hyperiums you can own planets, but you can also deploy your fleet or army on foreign planets. Feudal system allows you to become lord or vassal, but it’s only possible after 16 days for non-protected cluster and after 32 days for protected cluster.

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25 comments on “Hyperiums

  • 420_Man says:

    Awesome game. 420 approved

  • Isola says:

    An old browser game, but always improving, and still very fun, with a great active community. Slow paced, though, but real time, can be played at work, which is nice 🙂

  • Clanner says:

    Addictive tick-based game. A lot smaller than it used to be, but offers you a wide universe of different ways to play and have fun. It is more about building a network over time and to play with people of common interest, instead of action and constant micro management.

    You think you’re a leader, a soldier, a guy who likes to find out how to play games efficiently, digging into formulas and stuff?

    Come and prove it…

  • jordantron says:

    Excellent game, excellent strategy, great community.
    Create your own alliance or join one. Bash other alliances with friends!
    Great combination of economic and military strategy.

  • Brada says:

    Old school interface but really cool and highly addictive game. Small but active playerbase, and crazy game mechanics.
    If you loved star wars and star trek, you’ll love hyperiums too!

  • Jolteon/Gunner says:

    If anyone is interested in playing i can first hand help people understand the game. Join perm 7 round and start in a psc and private message player “Jolteon” To do this click on your name in the top bar and click on “send message” I will personally help anyone and everyone learn the basics of the game so you can get out there and start having fun.

    Also join us o our IRC server where we have lots of people to help you with any question you may have.

    Server: irc.hyperiums.info
    port: 6667

  • Lebanon161 says:

    – Game: Hyperiums
    – Length of time Player – 13-15 Years (Yes Correct)
    – Addiction – Highly addictive
    – Strategy Game

    Highly recommend to those of you who wish to earn long life friends and an on-going game to take you through your journey of life.

    Positions: Have been a moderator, President, War lord, feel free to PM me ingame and I will assist you in anyway Possible.

    Ingame Name: lebanon161

    Hyperiums Veteran for life.

    • Potshot says:

      ^^ Lebby stopped walking by naked long enough to brag about himself.

      But seriously, join up. You won’t be disappointed.

  • tom says:

    best game ever 😀 a lot of fun in war/spam on forum with a very good activ community 😀
    we also found a farmboy 😮

  • Jordantron says:

    Sensational game, I have been playing for many years. Its the kind of game to check in on every 6 hours and build your income and population in times of peace, or check in every 10 minutes to build fleet and wage war with your allies from across the globe. There is always something happening and diplomacy between alliances form and shatter regularly.

    I love it due to the endless amount of strategy required and the micro management involved. 10/10

  • Bryan says:

    Amazing game, long term diplomatic/strategy. Very interesting and amazing community. Has a “contributor status” which is EXTREMELY EASY to reach with in-game currency. Very relaxing game until war breaks out and shit hits the fan. You’ll either be addicted for life at that point, or you will quit and be done with it. Until then you won’t know

  • DZmath says:

    Addicted to this game since 2002.

  • poxtops says:

    • Community
    Love it or hate it, you will get trolled, flamed, blamed, and verbally abused. But you’ll also get that egotistical flame re-ignited and replenished when needed. You may also get a compliment from goat once in a while. But you will come back time and time again for it!

    • Game play
    Build up your ‘core’ of planets, your farms, everything you could ever want, rise to #1 rank!
    But then equally expect to lose it all at any given notice if you make too many enemies!
    It’s based on hourly ticks (battles every 2 hours, cash income every 8 hours, but most ticks are hourly), and this is excellent for the casual gamer who is looking to have something on the go permanently whilst working // having a real life // in between other games – Especially during ‘whore mode’ where you only need to log in to spend your cash and chat to friends etc. – However, during war time, every hour counts! (But don’t worry, we have back-up buddies who can login with limited excess with your permission and help you out!)

    • Addiction

    I’ve sold my house, my family, my friends, my clothes, my life to this game.
    I am now homeless and borrow peoples phones to get my quick 5min on Hyperiums
    Be warned;
    It will change your life forever.



  • arcanegoat says:

    If you have a desire to fly planets through a non-Euclidean space, this is the game you’ve been looking for.

  • johnson says:

    i keep coming back to this game. can’t seem to get away from it. very fun to play once you get the hang of it. its also “real life” friendly with its hourly ticks. works great for me as a side game since i don’t want to be on the computer every second of every day.

  • Vlayah says:

    If something last for 15 years it must has something worth to try. Join.

  • Anders says:

    This looks old, quite out of date. Very static interface, and static typical gameplay like the other games from its time.
    Would not recommend it.

  • Blorkzoiid says:

    I’ve been playing since 2000 and it’s still so imersive and addictive!
    Be advise before joining :p

  • Leggionaire says:

    Awesome game, been playing over a decade and can’t seem to get away, haha.

  • Potshot says:

    Very addictive game. There is a place for you if you just have some free time to kill at work, or hours to play a day. The seemingly simple mechanics offer untold depth when taken into account the scale of the game. If you join and have any questions or want tips msg me (Potshot) in game.

  • matt says:

    one of the best games ive played ever if you want to be part of a welcoming community then come and join us, just dont get too addicted

  • Scratchy007 says:

    Strategy, tactics, intrigue, and cooperation, Hyperiums has it all! I have been playing the game for years, and I can’t get enough of it. Due to the depth of the gameplay, it can be a bit daunting at first sight, but seasoned players will be delighted to help you through your first steps. Come and join us! The more the merrier 😀

  • Hash says:

    Great Game , Ive been playing for 15 years and im still addicted .. You meet new people threw the game .. Be member of an allience or creat your own with your Real life friends .. We have over 1000 players and we would like to welcome alot more .. Come on and try the Game

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