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Recent browser games

Text based browser game

The West

The West is a free text-based browser game where you can explore new lands and discover cool adventures. In the beginning you must choose your world and later create your character. Duel others and be the best to win. Make new friends, learn craft or work. Develop your equipment, gain new skills and learn a better tactics to win duels. Gain more experience and learn how to be the best.

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Bootleggers is a browser-based multiplayer mafia game set in 1930-s in the United States. In the game you are a gangster who competes with other players all around the world. In the beginning you will be able to pickpocket. As you play more active and grow, you’ll be also able to steal cars and be a part of organized crimes. Get better every day and try to be the best mafia.

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Free robot combat online RPG game


RoboWars is a free online robot RPG. Build your character and start attacking others. Gain skills to get stronger. Use the best armor and weapons to win the battles. Try to reach to battle rankings to be withing top 3 players. There are battle ranks and squad ranks where you can be the best. Collect mines and oil rigs or catch fish. Sign up to start this robot game right now.

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Massively Multiplayer Online RPG

SigmaStorm II

SigmaStorm II is a massively multiplayer online MMORPG that is set in dark setting. Players are fighting against each other and there are many features in this game. Choose one of four unique classes, get more skills to be more dangerous and defeat others. Use the best equipment and conquer your enemies. You can also travel to different areas like huge cities or deserts. In travelling there are useful items that will help you. Let the storm begin!

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Combat massive multiplayer online game

Chosen Space

Chosen Space is a combat massive multiplayer online game where players take control of their ships and travel to far away galaxy. Players can discover the world of galaxy and planets. There are many possibilities, for example there are many different playstyles, mine asteroids or search for bounties. Thousands of people play this game and you have a chance to share with them. It’s your decision how you communicate with other players. You could join others or play it alone your way. It’s all up to you.

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Free webbased MMORPG


PhantasyRPG is a free web based MMORPG. In the game there are four species that you must choose from. You could be Human, Rhizard, Hounzalid or Eldron. It’s all about fantasy and the players can discover the world of fantasy. Fight in the battle, use spells or an ability. There are currently two towns for players and the cities involve many areas that players can explore. Another cool thing is that you can have your own pet and you can train it, play with it or feed it. Travel to the world of fantasy and live it.

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Dark Warriors

Dark Warriors is the biggest text-based browser MMORPG. It has many players all around the world and you could be friends with them. You can choose whether you are an Evil Lord or a Market Miser. Fight monsters and defend yourself from attackers. Another cool thing is you can also battle ships in the ocean. Players don’t need to download anything so sign up and start playing the biggest browser MMORPG!

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Legacy is a free browser based multiplayer role-playing game. Play it anytime anywhere to enjoy this game. It has a great community and players. It’s very cool to search for other characters to get strong items. Form groups, play in the casino or trade items with others. You can reach higher levels by training your skills. The most wanted is level 80 avatar. Try this game out and power yourself up to the greatest!

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Text based browser game

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery is a detective role-playing game where you can solve mysterious stories. Search for clues, question suspects and interview witnesses to get to the solution faster. Every story is specific and there are different victims, witnesses and clues. The good thing is that all the mysteries have the solution and there are even many right solutions. Train your skills to become better detective!

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Multiplayer browser game


Megaduel is a multiplayer browser game. You can choose a warrior and then attack them. In this game there are also elements you must choose from. It’s good to attack warriors whose attack match to an element where your warrior has a good defense. Attack your warrior and defend yourself. Lets’s start this duel!

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Prison Struggle

Prison Struggle is a free online browser based game that’s about prison life. You can discover the underworld and murky places about prison and you have given the chance to get the real picture of prison. In this game you can steal and murder others. It’s your decision whether you join other gangs or stay an individual killer by yourself. At the end you will end up in jail.

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Starwake is a free multiplayer space game where it’s up to you to choose your destiny. You can take control with your Spaceship and decide what to do. You can defend your Outpost or work up your career with energy and strength. You can also end up in jail when you have more than one account. In this game you can fight for your planet but will you do it? Try this unique game out and decide your destiny.

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Renaissance Kingdoms

Renaissance Kingdoms is a free multiplayer text-based online game and number one online roleplay game in Europe. It combines many different genres like strategy, political and role playing game. The game is set in Europe in the time of Middle Ages. In this game you begin your journey as a modified vagrant but as if you gain more skills, you will get better status and get a part of political life. The game also supports many languages which makes the playing easier.

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The Ninja-RPG

The ninja-rpg (TNR) is a multiplayer fighting simulator browser game. You can enjoy it anytime anywhere. There’s a unique combat system in the game so you could be challenged in missions or on quests. There are five villages and you should chooce one of them. If you fight for you village, the village and also people in this village will get better and stronger. Train yourself, create a group with your friends, build your own armory equipment and fight all your way up to become the Kage.

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Movie based MMOG


Wanted – Fan Immersion Game is a free movie based mafia MMOG. It is based on the same named movie. To start with, select a difficulty level which is decided by “Strength”, “Tolerance” and “Intelligence”. There are many players all over the world and the game supports different languages. In the game players build their characters to a powerful leader. Try to get stronger, gain better rankings and work your way up into the hall of fame.

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Online mafia game

The Mob World

TheMobWorld is a free browser based MMOG game. In this online mafia game you start your criminal life in the streets. Your goal is to become the number one gangster in this game. You can crack vault codes, wonder in the streets and the best players can a bonus every hour and every week. More active players gain more benefits. This game supports many different languages and it’s rather unknown game. There are many errors and bugs but overall this game looks quite promising.

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Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer is a fresh looking conquering browser game. It is a pretty unique conquering game. Take a control of your equipment to win the battle. This game also requires great strategy which is the key of this game. Play it and develop your strategic thinking to become one of the bests. If you join forces with other players you can advance faster. There are lots of visual images that spice up the game.

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Text based browser game Hot, Responsive

Torn City

Torn is a responsive text-based browser game that operates in Torn City. Be careful not to end up in jail or hospital. There are many features to choose from, for example go to gym, run your own business and play in casino. Start your company and develop your career. Although, it’s kind of difficult getting to higher levels. Torn City has lots of players around the world and it’s currently the most popular text-based browser game. Always up to date content.

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Bitefight is a free browser based RPG. War between vampires and werewolves, choose your side. Challenge other players, gain benefits and rankings. In the city you can purchase weapons to perform well in fights. Get a job to earn gold. Vampires can go hunting to gain experience and gold. Select a hideout to protect yourself. Upgrade the hideout to increase your defense. In the city you can find a library, church, tavern, merchant and much more. You could be a member of a group. The game supports many different languages.

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