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The online casino industry is known for its innovation, as games developers compete to come up with the most imaginative ways to attract new customers. This has led to a bewildering array of new slots titles, genres and features, but at the same time, a handful of casino games have retained the popularity that they enjoyed in land based casinos.�


Blackjack is one of the online gaming world�s most popular pastimes. In fact, since the launch of the online gaming revolution in the 1990s, this classic game has thrived on the internet. These days if you want to play online blackjack, you can take your pick of options.�

Although the basics of blackjack are simple, this deceptively easy game has spawned a huge array of blackjack variants, along with a range of strategies and additional gameplay options, all designed to offer the widest possible playing choices for loyal customers. Blackjack�s simple rules have also ensured that it has continued to be taken up by newcomers to online gaming all round the world.


Anyone catching up on online casino news will quickly discover that roulette, a game dating back to at least the 1700s has been able to successfully replicated its land based casino popularity by moving online, as a new generation of roulette players try to anticipate the fall of the ball in that famous wheel. Modern online technology and new forms of game software have made it possible for online players to follow a virtual wheel that looks and sounds just like the real thing.�

It is possible to find many variations of roulette, but the main choices, of European and American roulette remain the big divide in the roulette world. In the American version, the two zero slots, give the house a bigger edge, while the European version has just one zero slot, helping to explain why the European roulette option is favoured by the majority of players.�

But the other important roulette variant that has helped to drive its modern day popularity is Live Roulette. Roulette more than most casino games depends on the sound and the action of the play for its charm and with Live Roulette, players can interact directly with a real dealer who spins a physical roulette wheel, providing a new �spin� on online Roulette.��


Poker has long had an appeal with gaming and gambling fans, and its not hard to see why. A rarity among casino games in that it is a game of skill, poker, in all its variant forms, has captured the imagination of casino game players for decades. Although the history of poker has been a turbulent one, in recent years it has undergone a huge boost in popularity, with millions of fans all over the world trying their luck, and some of the top poker players have become household names.�

The peak of the online poker boom may have passed, but the game remains hugely popular, and some estimates rate the online poker industry being worth as much as $400 billion every year.�

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