4 ways to beat the slots

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Slots have long been a favourite among casino goers. Ever since Sittman and Pitt first started rolling out its gambling machines to the bars of New York in the 1890s, fans of games of chance have been drawn by their easy going allure.�

The promise of a win on the next pull of a lever or press of a button makes slot machines appealing to those looking for a casual or relaxed gambling experience. With the explosion of online casinos and the general growth of gambling, it�s easier than ever to find a slot to play. What�s more, they�re themed around a variety of niches, from music to movies � tapping into a range of different niches that make them more engaging.

On the surface, slot games look like games of pure chance, but are there strategies you can use to improve your odds and maximise your winnings. Check out some of the best approaches and things you should know to improve your chance of winning at slots.

  • Play slots with higher denominations


Slots with higher denominations have higher payback percentages. It�s always been the case, ever since old school three-reel games dominated casino floors � and it�s a rule that still holds true now that the majority of the games are video slots. Discover how to win at slots by learning how the experts recommend playing the game in a simple list of dos and don�ts � who knows, it could make all the difference in you winning nothing and winning a million.

Machines that take a pound or a dollar will pay back more compared to what you put in than a machine that takes 50p or a quarter. It makes sense � a machine owner would rather you play the higher value machine for the very simple reason that you can put more money into it per minute of play, so they want to entice you onto those dollar machines over one that takes nickels.

That doesn�t mean you should jump straight to the big-money machines, however. Your average losses on a higher value machine are going to be bigger than on a lower one, even if your chances of winning are higher. If you have a fixed budget then the chances are you�ll get more time playing on a lower value machine than you would on a higher value one.

  • Hunt for deposit bonus codes

This is strictly an online tip. Bricks and mortar casinos will endeavour to tempt you in with free food, drinks offers or, in less enlightened spots, scantily clad women. Online casinos don�t have those options open to them, so they have to find other ways to entice you in, and it�s a highly competitive space.�

To get you through their virtual doors and get you playing their slot games, online casinos will offer up no deposit bonuses. These are essentially free games that you can still win money on. By hopping around different casinos offering up no deposit bonuses, you can actually get a fair amount of mileage from them � if you have a patience.

While this is not, of course, a strategy for winning at slots, it stands to reason that your ratio of wins to actual cash spent will be better if you�re spending less money to get the same number of plays.

  • Find the games that fit your goals and playing style


This comes back around to knowing the machines you�re playing on, and understanding what you�re doing. The added dimension here, of course, is that you need to know yourself as well. Are you looking to get the biggest possible jackpots, the longest play time with small wins littered across the session, or some blend of the two?

If you think you�re the former, look out for three-reel games. They emphasise big wins but will give you less winning spins and a lower hit frequency. These machines are where you�ll find the big wins, but also the ones where you�ll lose most quickly.

Meanwhile, video slots that have pick �em bonuses give you the chance to use a touch screen to select gift boxes (or restaurant dishes, or weird and wonderful alien creatures) to get your bonuses. These types of machines tend to extend play, enticing you along with a peppering of small wins. You�re not very likely to get a big win here, though. Video slots that have free spins for their bonuses usually fall somewhere in the middle. You can often win anything right up to the top jackpot, but you might also win nothing at all.

If you find a machine that hits the sweet spot for you, not only are you going to get the most enjoyment out of your play time � you�re also going to be playing to your gaming strengths.

  • Bank your bonuses

It�s common to hear someone say �that machine�s ready to pay out�. Most of the time, the way a machine has behaved on a past play has no bearing on subsequent plays.�

However, there was a time � in the mid to late 1990s � when a fair number of machines made it to market that allowed you to collect coins or symbols on a video screen until you hit a critical mass and hit a trigger point and get a bonus award.�

If you knew what you were looking for, you could keep an eye out for machines that were already on their journey towards the realm of free bonuses and hop on when the trigger was far enough along to give you an edge. It�s still a tip that many ardent slot gamers swear by today.


Slot games are ultimately games of chance. You never know when your luck might be in, but whether it is or it isn�t, these sure-fire slot tips will help you get more bang for your buck.

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