The Appeal Of Gambling Stands The Test Of Time

February 19, 2019 | 1 Comments

Gambling is undoubtedly a form of gaming that triggers split opinion, but as the methods in which we can gamble growing day by day, more and more players are turning to everything from a casual game of bingo, to a poker tournament. With the appeal of winning substantial amounts of money in a short period of time, the expanse of the industry is only set to continue to grow. Here, we�re taking a look at the appeal of�gambling throughout history�and why it�s popularity has stood the test of time.

The Thrill Of The Game

Although the appeal of gambling is certainly a subjective thing, there are a number of common reasons as to why the appeal has stuck it out over the years. The most common and arguably most addictive is the thrill of the game.

Let�s take Poker, for example � this game offers a truly unique thrill to every player, giving the player the opportunity to win and lose throughout every round and keeping them on their toes. There�s even a deeper science to this; the allure of poker, whether sitting at a table or�playing online video poker, is not least down to�intrinsic motivation. This is managed through the release of the chemical�dopamine�to the brain, whenever success is reached. This then gets the brain hooked on this sudden rush of the �happiness� chemical to the brain and keeps you playing. Due to the unpredictability of the win that causes this effect, it keeps you playing for longer in order to get that sudden rush.

The Social Element

Another element that plays into the allure of the game, is the social side of many games. Going back to poker - whether you are playing in an online poker room or are playing at home, the social element is something that cannot be denied. After all, you can�t play alone!

When playing a game with friends, there are a number of like-minded people around you sharing jokes and helping to build an atmosphere. This is some of what makes the game as interesting as it truly is, allowing for competitiveness that makes it fun for all those involved.

�Pay To Play� Of All Amounts

Whether poker is your personal favourite or you�ve got your eyes on another classic, being able to play online doesn�t have to cost a fortune. While some online casinos have a limit as to what you have to deposit, there is always another trustworthy casino elsewhere that halves that. For that reason, the ability to win double your original bet could be as simple as betting 50p! This has come about more and more in recent years, trying to entice new players regardless of their budget.

As the allure of the game continues to increase, we are sure to see the ever-expanding popularity continuing to grow in the next year. Where will you start?


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