The best online slot sites in United Kingdom

February 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

Whether you play live or online, people love to play slots. Online just has some extra benefits, you can play at home, better overview of the games and some people prefer it because you don't need to interact with other people. Most people in UK prefer to play online and over 35% of online gambling in United Kingdom is done in slots. The game itself is so popular because it doesn't require strategies and they are extremely fun. Also you can win a lot of money by investing really little, the only questions is how to pick the best slot sites in UK that have the best winning percentages. Of course you can't win for sure, but if you do your research there sure are some tips and guidelines that'll help you get better results. For example one tip that a lot of players forget is that usually there is a minimum betting for the Jackpot. Meaning for example if you put 1� into each try, but the Jackpot has a minimum of 2� betting required then you are missing an opportunity to win a big pile of cash. There are a lot of tips like these out there, but ultimately you shouldn't bet more than you can lose and simply enjoy your time. If you are just starting out, try to find a play-money slot to learn the mechanics and then move to low bet slots to test what you've learnt.

Choosing the best slot site in UK

Before learning the tips and tricks, it's actually recommended that you first do your research on which site you are going to play. Different sites have different winning rates and withdrawal requirements and so on. Open the site's terms page and carefully read it all, you don't want to realize that after winning a huge amount you can't even withdraw your winning for example - it could happen. Another issue that might happen to new players is that they play from many different devices, the site sees this a a suspicious activity and your account will be blocked. Try to avoid newly created online slots, rather pick sites that have existed for a long time and have positive reviews from other players. NB! Before signing up to any online slot site, check with The UK Gambling Commission if they have a licence to operate in gambling sector.

Differences between slot sites

Most slot games are found on various slot sites, but sometimes you can find some games that are unique to a certain site. So it's recommended to make 2 or 3 accounts on some of the most appealing sites and test for yourself. The biggest difference between such sites is the welcome bonus for new players. A lot of them offer 50 or even 100 or so free spin, which you can turn into money and then withdraw. Of course the most popular bonus is the deposit bonus, for example if you deposit 50�, your account will have double the amount so 100� instead. Usually there is a signup code needed for such bonuses so look around the web to find a bonus code for the site that you are interested in trying out.

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