Why are online casinos so popular in UK?

November 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

It has been over 30 years from the launch of the very first online casinos. Although they have existed for a very long time, they haven't always been popular. Every country has a different online casino popularity as well as how fast they are trending. In UK the trend has started quite early when comparing to the majority. In addition the rapidness of the popularity in UK has been insane - but why is so? Let's have a closer look at those reasons below. It is important to know that while online gambling has declined in the past few years, in UK the popularity has still increased.

High salaries

United Kingdom has one of the highest average as well as minimum salaries. The average salaries have been over 40,000 USD (1 USD = 0.78 Pounds) and it has been so for many years now. As you can expect, gambling has more popularity in countries with high salaries. In fact UK salary in top list is number #15, keep in mind that there are 195 countries in total.

Online gambling safety

UK is known to have extremely strict rules and regulations for online gambling which makes gambling online safe for players. You have probably read or heard about conspiracy theories that you never win while gambling online. You might have even heard about stories that the sites will not allow you to withdraw your winning if you happen to be lucky and won a huge amount. All these problems are meaningless if you gamble in the best UK casinos online thanks to the Gambling Commission. The trust between UK online gambling sites and players is one of those reasons the rapid popularity increase.

Focus on smartphones

First know the fact that the usage of smartphones is extremely high in UK, probably has something to do with already mentioned high salaries above. The second fact you should know is that online betting sites have lately focused their gambling towards smartphone users. This is simply because it is a new audience that they haven't reached, the more they reach - the better obviously. This means UK players are perfect audience to target, combining the fact that UK players have trust in online gambling sites. It is so easy to bet now wherever you are. Mobile phones overall usage has also surpassed personal computers at home, all industries have focused majority of their resources to smartphones.

Competition takes us further

Due to the fact that the popularity of gambling sites is so high in UK, there is also a huge competition. And competition is always good, it makes us research new technologies and to improve constantly. If you had no competition, how could you evolve anyway right?


Gambling has become a tradition in quite a few families in UK. When cheering for your favorite team, family members would also bet to even further show their support, this also applies to betting with friends at a bar for example. Sports and betting has become the norm in UK, it's simply part of entertainment. It is not considered as an easy way to become rich, at least the majority.

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