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May 31, 2015 | 7 Comments| Bulletdrive

Sad news for Bulletdrive, but it has to be announced. BulletDrive has been shut down. Game itself was one of the most interesting browser based driving games out there. You would mostly play against other players, gain rankings and explore new cars. Game even added a new car now and then to keep things interesting for old players. You could modify your cars the way you liked. Pretty fun feature was car stealing, only these cars that were not parked in garages. It was quite exiting game for car enthusiasts.

How BulletDrive used to look like
Browser based car racing team manager game

TOP3 Alternatives to BulletDrive

Lets see what other browser games could replace our beloved BulletDrive. There are actually some racing games out there that are just as entertaining and have lots of features to explore.

  • GTRacer – This is sure to be a good replacement because not only is it one of the oldest racing browser games, it also has the biggest car collection and a huge community.
  • Racing Duel – This racing game will make sure you are not bored, it has so many features that there is no way that you have to wait without nothing to do. Lots of cars,upgrades, challenges, duels and tasks to choose from.
  • Fast & Furious FIG – Offers you good cars even at the beginning and has a pretty interesting track time improvement system. It is very addicting and the cars and tuning parts selection is very well integrated into the game.

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7 comments on “BulletDrive has gone offline

  • DeathRacer says:

    if anyone have any car setups mail me plz

  • DeathRacer says:

    Bulletdrive is on again but with Different name, Topracer at http://www.topracer.club

  • Ben says:

    Sad to see it’s gone offline 🙁

  • Paladin says:

    Please bring Bulletdrive back!
    It was the greatest browser game i ever played! Even if only for the crafting system alone this game needs to return! (Yeah, crafting system was that good!!)

    I know some things need to change, more players online its one of them but quiting is not the answer!!!
    Please return, even if only to listen to sugestions! Return only with the chat and ticket system and listen to ideas to improve the game, please!!!!!!

    Everyone that wants Bulletdrive back please write something here!

    • Shutuning says:

      We should join all the old players and demand the return of Bulletdrive.

      • Paladin says:

        Yes, but we also need to contact the owner of the game, i dont know who he is.

        I know the twitter and facebook pages are not updated in a very long time, everyone that have facebook and twitter accounts should go there and write messages everyday, maybe something happens.

        Doesnt hurt to try it.

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