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Feral Clans

Feral Clans is a free browser game with vampires and werewolves. You must train your stats: strength, guard, labour and agility. Purchase great weapons and learn how to use them to become the best. Complete missions to earn xp, but try not to end up in the dungeon. Before starting a mission, you should make sure that your Will is high because it gives you more of a chance to complete the mission successfully. Gold Mine is the right place for finding lots of extra gold. Get a job, buy good equipment, enter the auction, participate in special events and attack others.

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Blood Wars

Blood Wars has over 400.000 items. You can buy different weapons and other goods for money you have earned. You can direct the evolution of your character and assign ability points to become a powerful vampire and defeat demons to gain their powers. Spy and ambush enemies and tame powerful creatures. Now the design is not something to brag about, but the game allows users to change colors of the website.

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Immortal Day

Immortal Day is text-based fantasy fighting game. Immortal Day is featuring Vampires, Werewolves, Hunters, Hybrids, and Zombies. Come join our highly addictive social gaming experience. Fight along side friends to victory and defeat your enemies in this game of Immortality. Community is friendly and game itself has rich features with lots of potential to be one of the best vampire games of all time. While testing out the game, we experienced very helpful admins and players that gave us tips and answered all of our questions about the game. Wonderful community.

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Immortal Night

Immortal Night is a vampire based browser game. When you create your character, you can choose between Vampire or Lycan. Game has its own forum and chat room. Get yourself primary weapon, secondary weapon and some armor and go hunting to gain money and levels. Gain stats like strenght, speed, labour, accuracy, defense and IQ. You start with your own propery, a grave, later on you can find yourself in a fancy castle. Game has a lot of more functions so it takes time to discover all the functions it has.

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Bitefight is a free browser based RPG. War between vampires and werewolves, choose your side. Challenge other players, gain benefits and rankings. In the city you can purchase weapons to perform well in fights. Get a job to earn gold. Vampires can go hunting to gain experience and gold. Select a hideout to protect yourself. Upgrade the hideout to increase your defense. In the city you can find a library, church, tavern, merchant and much more. You could be a member of a group. The game supports many different languages.

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Text based browser game Offline

Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon is a text-based online vampire game where you can choose either to be a vampire or a werewolf. Discover the underworld of the moon and explore unique items and achievements. The game has a great community where are monthly events and updates quite often. You can create groups and clans and share your experience with other players in a forum. Try not to get addicted to this game!

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Reign of Blood

Reign of Blood is a persistent browser based game. This PBBG is vampire themed and has a dark-red template to make things more vampire-like. Game is about 10 years old, but still up and running. Obviously you become a vampire, but getting into rankings is not easy for new players. Competition is really hard and you have to battle against other players to advance further. It is recommended that you join others for support.

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Hell Rising

Hell Rising is a web-based roleplaying game that takes you to the surreal world where you must survive. The game includes three character options: human, zombie or vampire. Each character type has its’ own starting skill so read through the description and select your character wisely. All of your skills could be seen under the skill tree. Explore the strange world, wander around in the streets, gain experience, acquire new skills and gain levels.

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Lamentosa New, Responsive


Lamentosa is a new MMO where you can become a Vampire or a Werewolf. Improve your skills to get stronger, store your items in your inventory, earn gold to be able to train skills and kill your enemies in PvP combat. You can hunt creatures to obtain experience, gold and items. Or you can attack other players to earn experience and steal their gold. After level 10 you must choose a master and become his follower. Each master gives you special spells and attributes. You can join/create a clan to join the clans war where you can fight by level range in a real-time group battle.

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Aetolia is a text-based browser game where you can choose your own destiny. Pick out your race and join a guild. There’s a system which means that after joining a guild, you can automatically gain skills of the guild. Becoming a vampire gives you skills like corpus, sanguis and mentis. After joining a shamans guild, you gain skills like primality, naturalism and shamanism. There are many cities and each city includes markets, barracks, casinos and more.

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Path of the Vampire

Path of the Vampire is a fun browser-based roleplaying game that takes you to the bloody vampire world. In Path of the Vampire you can choose whether you would like to become a vampire or a human. You can also pick out your path and gender. Path of the Vampire assumes that you gain a lot of experience and try to earn lots of cash. Experience could be gathered by exploring the world. It’s important to think about battling tactics that would give you benefits.

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Darkness Realm

Darkness Realm is a free text-based browser game with fantasy, vampires and werewolves. If you want to enter the gym, you must purchase a pass beforehand. Visit Travel Agency if you wish to travel to another location. You can go to interview to get a job and take educational courses at school. The Lab allows you to make crystals, form/trade rounds and form bullets. Hunt in the city to find beneficial items, commit various crimes, equip weapons, travel to the club and win money with lottery.

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Bloodletting is a fantasy based browser game with Vampires, Werewolves and other races. You will play the role of the race you picked, fight and interact with other players. Obtain weapons and armors and climb the top of the rankings. In some battles, your character can actually die meaning you’ll have to create a new one. Big part of the game is community, participate in forums and socialize with other players.

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Text based browser game


Gothador is a web-based MMORPG where thousands of people play together online. In the beginning your character will be visible and you can move it to other directions. Just like that you will be moving around the world while chatting with other players, trading items with them or fighting. If you develop, you gain more experience and levels. As you’re even more active player you have a chance to reach higher character class like Vampire, Demon and Angel or Monk. So give it a try and become the best.

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UnderWorld War

UnderWorld War

UnderWorld War is a popular vampire browser-based RPG. Search the streets where you can find cash, gain popularity and find items. Purchase yourself good equipment to equip primary/secondary weapon and bodyguard. Training area allows you to train celerity, labour, fortitude and potence. You can commit crimes such as open warfare, underworld war, beginner luck, blood hunt etc. The game gives you a chance to enter demon fight, but keep in mind to purchase a demon beforehand.

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Rogue Vampires

Rogue Vampires is a web-based vampire text game with killing and survival. The city has many various possibilities so wander around and get to know the city better. Train your stats to become even more successful vampire and stay alive in this cruel world. Take into consideration the course type, difficulty, price and pick out necessary courses to get education. Very friendly community and quite active forum where you can find answers to your questions.

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Bloodmoon is a free browser-based text game where you can become a vampire, hunter or werewolf. By choosing your character you’ll be choosing your destiny in this game. Increasing stats requires gold so earn gold to turn your character stronger and more durable. Keep in mind that entering the arena is available after level 3 so work hard, upgrade levels and start battling. Before ruthless fighting you might also want to equip yourself with best weapons.

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D.A.N.E. is an adventurous role-playing game with a possibility to become a vampire, demon, lycan or an angel. You can also decide whether you join with good guys or you become one of the evil creatures. In D.A.N.E. you can find a criminal section and commit crimes to earn some extra cash. Attacking has been made really easy. You can see the whole list of players, pick out a player and simply attack. If you have any questions related to the game, you can visit the forum.

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Vampire Bloodlust

Vampire Bloodlust is a free vampire themed browser game. The main aim is to become a legendary vampire and build your stats. Take courses to get education, get a job, travel to other cities or buy items from the Item Market. Simple fighting system, once you’ve damaged yourself you end up in hospital but you can also help other players to get out of hospital by paying a fee. Bribe bodyguards to let other players out of jail or train your Agility, Labour, Guard and Strength while you are behind the bars. If you sign up, make sure you verify your e-mail, because then you are given various awards.

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Vampires Wrath New, Responsive

Vampires Wrath

Vampires Wrath is a free browser-based text game that includes fantasy and vampires. Training area gives you a possibility to train agility, health, strength and guard. If you’re strong enough you can start attacking your opponents by looking at the name list and selecting a player you’d like to attack. Under Social section you can easily chat with other players. Open your own bank account, travel to another location and explore various cities.

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