Hell Rising

Hell Rising is a web-based roleplaying game that takes you to the surreal world where you must survive. The game includes three character options: human, zombie or vampire. Each character type has its’ own starting skill so read through the description and select your character wisely. All of your skills could be seen under the skill tree. Explore the strange world, wander around in the streets, gain experience, acquire new skills and gain levels.

In a category: Vampire browser games
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Hell Rising

8 comments on “Hell Rising

  • deity says:

    Very entertaining game. Been playing since 2007 on and off. I must admit I only log in once a year for a few days, when nostalgia kicks in (from the days when the game was full of players).

    I was happy to see many improvements and new skills added to the game. Worth trying, it’s a very decent game (gotta ignore the trolls, though).

  • George says:

    I have witnessed lots of trolling and players with many alts in this game. There are some veteran players who pretend to befriend you then kill you when you are weak with alts. Many people have quit this game because of this. Game gets boring real quick due to number and lack of quality players.

  • Pluto will always be a planet to me says:

    Great game as far as text based games go, I played for a long time. Would recommend, much better than most others in this category(text based broswer games). Its basically a paranormal game, you can play as a zombie, a vampire or a human. If you heard of Urbandead before, it’s a lot like that but more AP, vampires and alot of pretty neat features, along with Holiday events. Also, works best with Chrome in my experience, it loads pages faster and let’s you spam click the attack button. Would recommend.

  • Ernest says:

    Seriously, if it is 2-3 players then they are running 10 alts each.

    I know of at least 10 players that have left in recent times because the level of trolling is wholly unacceptable.

    Is Urban Dead a better game? No.
    Is it better run? Yes.

    The fact is that several players have been harassed OUT of game by these folks.

    Of course, since I have no idea who you are, I’ think you have a mighty thin skin to think I just called you a racist. I think you just have a very thin grasp of the English language.

    My warning still stands. If you don’t want to be hounded throughout the game by an endless supply of “Fuck you Nigger” and more? Don’t play.

    Or, if you are some little white kid, you can blame the victim.

  • Dr.X says:

    I’ve been around (on/off) since HRs inception. It’s been a solid game and a staple of my gaming repertoire for almost a decade.

    As for the topic of trolls, every game has trolls. The internet is full of them, not just this game. I’ve always found the makers and coders of Hell Rising to be upstanding people who care about their game so much, they actually put time and effort into it.

    If you want a challenge and are tired of waiting 24 hours to be able to make your next move, give Hell Rising a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Ernest says:

    The game is overcome by racist trolls who actively work to drive people off the game. You’re better off sticking with Urban Dead. Both games are mostly empty, but only one is a festering pile of troll.

    • Kraufen says:

      >Overcome by racist trolls
      >Its two guys who specifically didn’t like you because they felt you guys were asses to them at some point, as far as ive heard. Though I don’t believe you deserved to be bothered so much I don’t think you should be so freaking pissed about this.
      >Also telling people to play a vastly inferior game, where you have to wait 24 hours basically to get full action points to play again which has so many less features.

      Look I understand you are mad, gawin or herbert, but do you honestly think going around hindering my attempts at getting players for the game is helping anyone. There are like three players who are considered “Racist” in my books. There is not a den of rascist trolls. Its three people who specifically targeted you for some reason they refuse to tell me from ages ago, What you are doing right now isn’t punishing them, its punishing me and others who are actually not trolls or racist assholes.
      Also do you just sit up looking up hell rising all day? Just…Just stop. I’m sorry your experience was ruined but it wont happen to everyone. Have a good day, gawin or hawkeye.

      • Kraufen says:

        Another thing, the trolls back in 07 were 100 times worse, they were just buried under the amount of players there were back then. Some were even banned from the forums, this is tame in comparison.
        Anyways thanks for calling me a racist because I enjoy this game and play it. If you feel the need to argue more we can do so on slimebeast forums

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