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Eternal Fury

Eternal Fury is a free browser game running fully under HTML5, in which you will have to fight the demons plaguing your city and build your castle to strengthen your leadership. The game features 3D graphics, spectacular battle effects, upgradeable units, turn-based RPG action and endless quests to enjoy.

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Grand Prix Racing Online

Grand Prix Racing Online is a racing browser game that allows you to build fast cars, race with other opponents and hire the best crew to win. After registering you must stay on the waiting list until the team of Grand Prix Racing Online has approved your account. Make sure to improve your car with stats such as Acceleration, Handling, Power and Balance. These stats are necessary to create a fast car and reach top rankings. Get sponsors, hire a manager or keep an eye on a live race.

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Track King

Track King is a free text-based browser game about horse racing. Your stable informs you with a scheduled calendar, earned trophies, upcoming events etc. Train your horse to perform better at short sprints, swimming, walking trail, beach gallops etc. You can visit vet, hire admin staff, search for a jockey and build new facilities. Keep an eye on horse races, win trophies and manage your horse to the hall of fame. You also must take control of your finances by analyzing the income and expenditures.

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BATracer is a free multiplayer motorsport webgame. This game is all about cars and racing. Drive with other players and try to win championship. Before winning the championship you must work hard with your team. Decorate your car and helmet by designing and painting them. Select your strategy and driving style. Challenge yourself in harder conditions while the weather changes. Practise a race and win the championship!

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Street Racerz

Street Racerz is an established racing TBBG. Hit the streets, hi-jack cars and outrun cops. Join or create a crew, start doing missions and participate in events. Go to car show-offs, tournaments or start races against other players. Compete against other racerz and be social. Cart and part dealership as well as tuning shop. Hit the Casino or Lottery and store your money in a bank.

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Ruroracing is an online community game with in depth simulation of practice, qualifying and race strategy. There are no ads, players have unrestricted access without paying, and it’s non-commercial in general. Games are run by the players themselves and there are a few couple ones where drivers can write reports for role playing experience. Contains various rare classic cars.

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GTRacer has features like: Lobby system for chatting, club system. Start your own car dealership. You can even wash your car and fill the fuel tank. Different drag races and driving styles to choose from. Always up-to-date and interesting events from time to time. Like all racing games, you must modify your car the best way you can, as light and as fast as possible. Try not to blow up your engine though. Images and design is pretty modern. Very popular online browser-based racing game.

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SIM Horse Racing

SIM Horse Racing is a free text-based browser game with virtual horse races. You can buy horses and also bid on horses at auction. A horse needs to be at least two years old to breed. There are lots of different tracks and you can race your horse at any track. Don’t forget that shipping a horse around the world takes time so you have to make sure that your horse will arrive at the destination by race time. You can create a horse, build a farm, create a race, lease horses and keep an eye on the financial summary.

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Pitwall is a mobile-friendly racing team management game. Control your sponsors and finances. Each team also has fan, depending on the popularity of the team. You can make deals with suppliers, quite similar to sponsorship. Construct new facilities for your team. Manage your drivers and staff. Do your best at qualification and race sessions. Track and measure your statistics, learn from your mistakes and good luck with your team!

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F1 Manager Online

F1 Manager Online

F1 Manager Online is a free text-based racing game about Grand Prix. Use searching tools, find the best drivers and recruit them into your team. Practising includes training driver fitness, pressure handling, offensive skill, defensive skill, racing and driving in wet. Hire good staff, get sponsors and upgrade facilities. The game offers you an opportunity to participate in racing series. Join a league, develop your racing car, keep an eye on race results and think about next race strategy.

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My Racing Career

My Racing Career

My Racing Career is a sport text-based browser game about racing. Create your driver and build your own car. Driver Gear gives you a possibility to design a helmet and a suit for your driver. You can change your driving stile, recruit workers and take a look at Nations Cup. Train driving skills, technique, personal skills, special skills etc. Select a track, participate in races, earn trophies, read press posts and reach top rankings. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your finances.

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iGP Manager

iGP Manager is a sport browser game about racing management. Create your team by entering information about a team manager and your team. First you must join a league. Design your race car, make great deals with partners and keep an eye on your financial situation. Train different drivers and their various skills such as speed, defending, technical etc. Staff section offers you information about your team members, their skills and wage. Win races and upgrade your reputation.

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Racing Duel

Racing Duel is text-based racing game that has levels and rankings like any other online RPG. You start with a slow car and you must buy tuning parts for it to make it faster. When you have won enough races, it means you have more money and you can buy a different car and sell your old one. Get yourself sponsors and complete missions to be a successful racer. There are lots of upgrades available, increase your duel and fuel limits for easier gameplay.

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Ondarun is an online racing simulator. Create your team, get yourself a car and tune it with new parts. Manage your staff, training, health and fitness. Game started in 2008 and has a huge playerbase. Veteran players will give a warm welcome to new players. Make sure your team is quick on tracks and communicate with other players so be a part of Ondarun friendly community.

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Andatura 4

Andatura 4

Andatura 4 is a text-based race team management browser game. It features thousands of vehicles from hundreds of manufacturers added by users. The game is heavily player vs player featuring real-time seasons and races between hundreds of player drivers. There are currently over a hundred tracks from around the globe. Players may play for free or pay for in-game incentives. The game is moved to a new fast server as of 3/2016 and features a maintained wiki based manual also for both new players and old players.

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IMoto is a text-based browser game about motorcycle racing. Headquarters is a place where you can see your motorbike, drivers, earned trophies and total cash. Under Race section you can see drivers skills, for example the level of aggression, driving in wet conditions or total experience. Calendar gives you a clue about upcoming races, weather conditions and approximate idea of the track. Hall of Fame lets you to be aware of top drivers so win races to also end up in those rankings.

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While playing Gtiracer, you can enjoy the magnificent world of racing. Gtiracer includes lots of cars and you can select the perfect car by assessing its speed, acceleration and stability. In the list you can find quite average everyday vehicles, but earn money to be able to purchase fast and expensive sports cars. After you own a car, you can start tuning your car. Buy right parts, build the fastest car and join races. You should get a job to earn a stabile income.

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TDA-racerz is an online racing RPG, quite new and still in beta, but already packed with a lot of features. Level and reputation based game. Various cars with detailed attributes like Acceleration, top speed, handling, breaking, weight, engine, nos etc. Cars also need to be fueled and can be damaged so watch out for that. Auction house for selling and buying cars. Missions, tournaments and races against other players.

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Underground Racerz

Underground Racerz is an oldschool text based browser racing game. Check out the car dealership to pick your favourite car. Get parts and upgrade your vehicle performance. Gain levels by racing against other players. Find or create your own crew to team up with others. Get some easy money hitting the streets and hi-jacking. If you blow up your car, then you can recover it. Watch out for your car’s fuel as well. If you are done with your car, dump it at the scrap yard and get a better one.

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Elite Streetracing

Elite Streetracing is a classic text-based browser game. You can participate in car show offs, tournaments, street races and other missions and crimes. Big part of the game is collecting various vehicles. You can loan a car to get difficult mission done or just try out the car before you buy it. All cars can be tuned and must be fueled, cars can be obtained via auction house as well. Very simplistic looks and wide range of features makes it a great timekiller. Rank up against others and find friends, because community is also part of the game.

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Fast Speed
New, Responsive

Fast Speed

Fast Speed is a free online racing game. Purchase the fastest sports cars such as Chevrolet, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, and so forth. Purchase unique auto parts to tune your cars. Choose a competitor and race with other players. Garage is a place where you can see how many races you have won/lost and how many cars you currently have. You can get a job as a mechanic, taxi driver, fireman, personal driver, pizza delivery, transporter or choose another career. Earn money, upgrade your cars, make friends and become one of the best racers in the ranking of the game.

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