Pitwall is a mobile-friendly racing team management game. Control your sponsors and finances. Each team also has fan, depending on the popularity of the team. You can make deals with suppliers, quite similar to sponsorship. Construct new facilities for your team. Manage your drivers and staff. Do your best at qualification and race sessions. Track and measure your statistics, learn from your mistakes and good luck with your team!

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2 comments on “Pitwall

  • Philip says:

    I love this game for many years for its dynamic, friendly community
    The game is very challenging, hard to learn, hard to master (my team made one division 1 championship in 14 seasons)
    Pitwall is not (mandatorily) to time consuming

  • mcdxcom says:

    fantastic game well worth a look if you love the old f1 managment games such as grand prix manager and grand prix world. Steep learning curve – my advise ask in the chat before you do anything as there is a great community of people who have played this game for years and are always happy to help new players

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