Core Exiles Premium Key Giveaway

March 22, 2019

Core Exiles and NewRPG have teamed up to provide you with some awesome bonuses, such as free premium. Only 250 keys in total...

The Best Irish Slot Games for St Patrick’s Day

March 22, 2019

The 17th of March is an exciting day for all Irishmen and women and everybody who appreciates the Emerald Isle. A true St...

Top 5 browser based sport games

March 07, 2019

Browser based sport games are gaining more popularity. Browser games are of course playable via smartphones, tablets and computers. The more realistic the...

Why are idle games so popular

March 07, 2019

There are so many idle games out there and the amount keeps growing every day. They are usually humor related, such as Doge...

Good io games to play with friends in 2019

February 28, 2019

Let’s take a closer look at some good io games, which are popular in 2019. Games listed below are meant to be played...

The best online slot sites in United Kingdom

February 27, 2019

Whether you play live or online, people love to play slots. Online just has some extra benefits, you can play at home, better...

The Legalization & Rules on How to Play Free Slots in Australia, Canada, and UK

February 22, 2019

Before we drill down into the minute legislation details for each of these jurisdictions, let us have a wider rundown of the entire...

Closer look at ArmyGrid

February 19, 2019

We are glad to share ArmyGrid’s future plans and developer thoughts with you. Below you can learn about the life of the developer...

The Appeal Of Gambling Stands The Test Of Time

February 19, 2019

Gambling is undoubtedly a form of gaming that triggers split opinion, but as the methods in which we can gamble growing day by...

Online Casino Bonuses- is it Useful?

January 22, 2019

What are online casino bonuses? As you may have noticed, the online gambling industry is growing rapidly. There are so many casinos and...

Prosperous Universe First Access giveaway

December 13, 2018

In Prosperous Universe, you are the CEO of your own spacefaring company. Explore the galaxy, design spaceships, forge alliances, and most importantly: produce,...

How to get the most out of your money with online casinos

December 13, 2018

Whether you treat them a serious business or a casual indulgence, online casino slots are best enjoyed when approached with a certain degree...

Tips for Playing Online Slots

December 13, 2018

Any gambler would agree that if they knew how to set the odds in their favour, playing reels would be too much fun....

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Recent comments

This is not your typical P2W game - you will not feel penalties even when premium expires. Hope you enjoy…
NewRPG on March 22, 2019
What happens after the Premium account expires?? Is the game restricted in any way after the Premium account expires…
William on March 22, 2019
Just so everyone knows, here’s a discord of the group all the people on CM joined before it was shut…
Hobbit on March 22, 2019
Just so everyone knows, here's a discord of the group all the people on CM joined before it was shut…
Hobbit on March 22, 2019
Cool game
Shawn on March 22, 2019
Ha, I love the plant-watering analogy. It's spot on.
Terrai on March 22, 2019
Awesome game with a lot of features, events and updates.
Alirez on March 22, 2019
Probably the best basketball manager online
Ariel on March 21, 2019
Boring game full of cyber bullies.
notforme on March 20, 2019
This is not a rip the name may have been used but I can and will assure you the code…
Mark on March 20, 2019
Are you the previous owner? :D
Rag on March 19, 2019
This game was likely one of the only real, quantifiable addictions I had. Constantly doing calculations in my head, drifting…
Calvin on March 19, 2019
it was alright... more effort could be placed to improve the existing gameplay
Scrooge on March 19, 2019
just logged in and cant bear to see how low it has sunk compared to a few years ago... whoever…
Scrooge on March 19, 2019
Good game
Cutanda on March 19, 2019
Neat little game. Slow but fun to progress. Just have to remember it, like watering a plant.
Ryan on March 19, 2019