Crown of the Gods New World

September 10, 2016

Crown of the Gods is a strategy MMO game with features like city building, real-time combat and resource trading. The Gaming Addict Studios...

StarsQuest – Unique SciFi browser game

August 22, 2016

StarsQuest is a strategy sci-fi browser game that offers lots of adventures in the galaxy. It’s a war where only the strongest survive....

Barons of the Galaxy Kickstarter Re-launch

August 21, 2016

Barons of the Galaxy is strategic SciFI themed browser game in which players manufacture products to sell to cities, vote on political events...

Gameforge released new Ikariam server Dionysos

August 19, 2016

As of today, new Ikariam players can join the fresh Dionysos server to avoid the tough competition. This server can be played in...

Soccer Manager 2017

August 14, 2016

Soccer Manager 2016 (single player) is a football simulation game that offers the opportunity to enter the real football world. Welcome to Soccer...

Top 3 best web browser games 2016

July 14, 2016

Based on the community and popularity, here are the top 3 best web based BBGs of 2016. Game community means a lot since...

Torn City “spin the wheel” game

July 04, 2016

Summer at Torn City brought us some interesting updates. The most important new improvement to the game is Spin the Wheel game. There...

Grepolis new world Kasmenai

June 30, 2016

A good opportunity to start fresh at a brand new Grepolis world “Kasmenai”. There hasn’t been a new server for a while so...

OverThrown under development

June 29, 2016

The developer of Dominus has created another turn-based strategy browser game. OverThrown was officially launched at 15th June and is still under development...

Starmourn browser game is hiring

June 29, 2016

Do you enjoy browser games and would like to get paid for developing one? Well – here is your chance. Iron Realms is...

13 years with Tribal Wars

June 28, 2016

In 2003 the first version of Tribal Wars was launched, but the game was in german at first. After the game went popular...

Blight of the Immortals update

June 18, 2016

First of all congratulations to Aran who won the last 2 Tournament rounds with Giants Playground and Warpath. This week the map is...

The Grail Lords – Barbarian Invasion

June 16, 2016

Starting on Friday, 17 June 2016 The Grail Lords start a new event. Join today, pick up a club or staff and join...

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Recent comments

Hey Deb, I hope you're doing well, I miss you guys! Heh, yeah we tore that game up for several…
Blink on September 28, 2016
The warring system is a complete failure, but other than that its a decent game.
Wut on September 27, 2016
The Father of tick based scifi games. Really working platform to wage war. Really nice community.
Avenger on September 27, 2016
A game I've dropped-in and out-of over the past five years, but the depth is absolutely phenomenal. There's something for…
Luthadel on September 27, 2016
good game
alex on September 27, 2016
Only play it if you are ready to get sucked into this extremely addictive online game. Who needs real life…
PaRa on September 27, 2016
dam that was close easy round for them to still but it a good thing they are too dumb to…
smoker on September 27, 2016
A typical Battle Rating/Power Game. Build up heroes, build up troops, increase Battle Power. Spend…
Dear Leader on September 26, 2016
Evgeni on September 25, 2016
love the game, been playing for years
Nick on September 24, 2016
i am done playing these games. wiseguyzs ruined me. I wont spend a dime on another.
BillyBadass on September 24, 2016
Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves.
John on September 23, 2016
Love the game! It's oldschool planetarion/spaceminers style of game for free. Still has a few bugs here and there…
Zuneib on September 23, 2016
Best web-based game I ever played in my life.. <3 \o/ :D
Killa on September 23, 2016
yup, feel free to join and play this game.. ;) .. and invite all your friend to play this…
clozer on September 23, 2016
buenisimo juego
emanuel on September 23, 2016