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The board games that are wowing design fans

January 11, 2018

We all know the simple beauty of the black and white checkered pattern of a chessboard, and there’s something endlessly appealing about the...

Domain of Heroes and Tandem Games dissolved

December 18, 2017

L. Frank Baum, author and storyteller, once said, “Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” Domain and Heroes closed its doors on...

What do you need for the ideal gaming room?

November 02, 2017

Whether you’re playing a massive next-gen console hit like Destiny 2, or a cool 3D browser MMORPG title like Titans of Time, you’re...

Your Mafia gaining rapid popularity

October 28, 2017

Closer look at the trending Your Mafia browser game. The game is less than 3 months old and they are already maintining about...

Dark side of the Pokemon series

October 26, 2017

Stories within stories have been around for as long as stories have been told. People will add layers, pretence, metaphor and maybe just...

Top 10 best alternatives to OGame

October 10, 2017

First 5 games will get an introduction, the full list can be seen at the end of the article. The first on the...

Footballidentity closing after 8 years

September 17, 2017

As we announced, already 12 months ago, to our active community we have reached a point where we feel we have no other...

Is HTML5 Set to Change the Future of Mobile Gaming?

July 26, 2017

Ah, Adobe Flash. That imperfect software program that created and served so much Web and mobile content has been on the back burner...

New era at Land of Nevard

July 13, 2017

Land of Nevard has been with us for over 13 years now, this game has won the hearts of true TBBG fans. Showing...

Barons of the Galaxy finally live

May 15, 2017

The Barons of the Galaxy Kickstarter started on 8th February 2016 and now it’s finally launched. BotG Open Beta is now over and...

MobstarGame – F2P Mafia MMORPG with IOS/Android Apps

May 10, 2017 is an online text-based mafia game, (also known as a MMORPG) which can also be played on the free IOS and Android... Open Alpha!

May 09, 2017

Ever wished you had a Destiny game on the go? Are you a fan of light-weight text RPG’s? This is an attempt to...

BlackFox Operation – Ready for The new v2.0?

April 30, 2017

BlackFox Operation v2 coming soon! Official opening date: 5th May 2017 (8pm GMT +1/Paris). The new front of BlackFox offers several new and...

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It's a really good game, I am new to it but I keep coming back to it several times a…
Brandy on January 21, 2018
I discovered Torn City not quite a year ago. At first, it seemd a bit slow to start.…
SakiSweet on January 21, 2018
No the game works great you can find us on Facebook
Precious on January 20, 2018
like the graphic
dave ojendras on January 19, 2018
Easy to play and addictive
Lee on January 19, 2018
The game is on it's "last leg". The coding is so outdated and abandoned by the owner, Jez. The admins…
29064 on January 18, 2018
Theodore Androutsos on January 17, 2018
The best
Theodore Androutsos on January 16, 2018
This is actually a pretty good game. I really enjoy it and I'm not a reader.
Steve Stein on January 16, 2018
Very good game
Theodore Androutsos on January 15, 2018
I fell in love and haven't ever been able to quit. Doesn't eat too much data on the phone and…
Xecende on January 15, 2018
I have been playing this game pretty much everyday for the last few months. Easy to learn all the different…
SlightlySkitzo on January 15, 2018
One of the best Sci-Fi MMOs I've ever played. And I'm harsh critic!
Nihilant on January 15, 2018
The owner is greedy and gives out free stuff to all the girls he cyber sexes. No sense of fairness…
M on January 15, 2018
walter on January 15, 2018
Michail Papigkiotis on January 14, 2018