Agonia – Tales of Forgotten Lands

Agonia is a text-based adventure/fighting RPG. It is 100% free (no pay-to-win), ad-free, and with a very strong community. The world begins with two factions, who land on an uninhabited and wild new world. You can pick from among 8 tribes (races), master a numerous selection of weapons, and train various crafting skills (alchemy, forgery, tailoring, sorcery among others). The lands are merciless and there is no rule; you can become a lawful fighter, a trader, a mercenary, an adventurer, an artisan, or invent your own style. There is a wide diversity of character builds and a unique tactical depth in a game where the path you take, alliances you forge, and friendships or rivalries you cultivate are entirely in your hands. The game launched in January 2019.

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23 comments on “Agonia – Tales of Forgotten Lands

  • Obed says:

    Excellent game but the rules are not easy to access and a couple of us using the same IP were banned because we didn’t know about that particular rule. Everything about the game is brilliant except the interface which is being updated, I just hope they move the rules to a very accessible place so no one else will fall into the same problem I had

    • Agonia Admin says:

      Dear Obed,
      Thank you for the positive feedback. We will also consider your suggestion and add a more visible link to the rules section. However 7 accounts on the same IP/same browser/same computer looks more like severe multi-abuse than an IP-sharing issue, hence why the characters were frozen.
      We take extra caution in ensuring a fair and cheat-free game for all players to enjoy. You are more than welcome to keep playing but with only one account please 😉

      • Agonia Admin says:

        Forgot: I had asked you to justify in Discord after you contacted me but you never replied to me, hence why the characters stayed frozen until the situation could be clarified.

  • Carl Warfel says:

    Great Game. I give the game at least a 5 star rating, and the person that takes care of the game a 10 star rating, and Most of you gamers know how important that is.
    This is a new game with a lot of exciting features to come.

  • Falsiion says:

    I have been searching for a game like this for some time. Very immersive, so many options, very sandbox style. I am not sure which paths I will take yet, so many look interesting. I very much recommend this game to anyone looking for a new game.
    I also strongly suggest to join the game’s discord where dozens of active players are willing to help you get started, at least it was a critical factor in my integration.

  • Vzhum says:

    Hey guys, and agonia staff especially.

    I want to say you that i’m so much impressed by the game
    i would give it 10 stars from 5 possible 🙂

    I wanted to say it early but hesitated if it’s needed.

    You know i once tried to make game like this but failed,
    but you guys made an amazing job:
    graphics, excellent and that’s there not so much of it not spoil it a bit,
    role-playing system is i never met before and its simply great,
    map coloring and tiling is just outstanding
    real-time battle take enough time to get involved, but not too much to get boring,
    and i believe there is much more to explore.

    As usual for me, as i always play games i like, i have no criticism for you:)

  • Lothrop says:

    Just started playing and it’s a great game so far. Amazing community that’s friendly and supportive of new players, already lots to do and they’re working on it actively.

  • Eric says:

    Jeu très différent de ce que j’ai pu essayé dans le passé. Captivant vraiment. Une commauté très active et très sympa de joueurs passionés. Pas facile de faire sa place quand on ne parle pas très bien anglais mais le jeu est vraiment top.

  • Teabag says:

    Character building: 5/5
    Gameplay: 5/5
    Community: 5/5
    Interface: 3/5 (but new interface coming soon apparently)

    Very fun game, so complete and rich. I think I haven’t discovered all features yet.
    Developers are very active and listen to player feedback.

  • Sonja says:

    A wonderful new game, the continuation of a two decade old series of game worlds with a fan-base of dedicated and helpful players. Faction versus Faction might not be a new scenario, but Agonia’s gameplay systems reward teamwork and coordination as you pit yourselves against your enemies in an intriguing information and resource war, where every victory and defeat can change the balance of power. Agonia uses a persistent universe and turn-based combat to its advantage and makes the world you move through feel more alive, as you can fight alongside your allies even while offline.

    The game boasts active developers lovingly crafting the game they want to make, all for free, both admin and community ran events and quest-lines, a free-form character stat leveling system that’s different for each of the eight character tribes, and multiple weapon and general crafting skills to master, each helping your faction, and yourself, in their own way.

    Roleplay: Dictate how other players in the world see you, solely with your actions and words.
    Perma-life: Characters can revive as many times as you wish.
    Full-PVP: Players may fight anywhere, but not without community repercussions…
    Full-Loot: Upon death, characters drop all normal items to the ground.
    Energy System: “Turns” allow you to train and craft, while “Movement points” allow you to move around the map. There is no need to play this game 24/7 to keep up with others.

    These games have always held a special place in my heart, and I highly recommend trying it. It is truly a diamond in the rough, come join us!

  • Arathain says:

    The best community I have ever meet…. As a Newb, they have been really supporting and they work together as a team… You can easily be part of it

  • Edric says:

    A truely unique world, you can feel different sources of inspirations but it’s truely its own universe. The gameplay looks very deep, a lot of PvP focus but I prefer to play the peaceful guy and there’s really a niche for eevry style of play.

  • Edrin says:

    A jewel!
    Hope the player base will keep on increasing fast, but i am sure it will.

  • Belisaire says:

    Great game already, and active devs making it better by the day.

  • Arthur says:

    Fun and new. Very interesting gameplay.

  • smashed says:

    Excellent RPG! The game-play feels unique. As you progress a few days into the story, you will begin to spend more time planning actions and see lengthy battles. This lifetime-adventure RPG needs you!

  • Ricky says:

    Not easy to grasp at first, but the depth of gameplay is fascinating. I’ve been looking for a good TBBG for quite a long time and this one looks like it’s the one for me!

  • Old-Schooler says:

    – Super friendly, helpful and active developer!
    – Community always ready to answer questions and support you where they can
    – Interesting game, seems balanced, and with lots of future plans, consisting of:
    GUI overhaul, new/additional features and mechanics along with improving current content
    – Absolutely NO P2W!! No single way to buy yourself a top spot
    – Game design that allows both casual and more hardcore gamers to contribute and compete

    … In general, come and give this game a try. Its brand new and seems to have a bright future!

  • Lord says:

    New world for new adventures. Complex evolution and craftind systems. Fun to play.

  • Samuel says:

    Excellent so far. Excited to see how the game will evolve. Very promising and it’s great to be able to start playing from the early beginning.

  • Dean says:

    Brand new game released with lots of exciting changes by the admin team with a helpful (and competitive) player base dating back 17 years. Give it a week and you’ll be hooked!

  • Duban says:

    Excellent game. The fact that it is brand new is great, no neee to catch up to old elite players, everyone is fresh out of the shell. I like the complexity of different character builds.

  • Grahf says:

    The game is a lot of fun especially when you join a group and coordinate together. The community makes the game, although it can be played solo just fine. There is open world pvp in the game although some players play for pve only and declare themselves as neutral to try and stay out of the open world faction warfare.

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