ManagerLeague is a text-based football management game. Create your team, train team members and work hard to reach the top. Having the right staff has a great impact on the entire team so try to hire the best coach, scout, caretaker and physio. You can search for staff members according to their quality. There’s a possibility to reconsider the tactics and manage responsibilities of each player. The game has a mobile site which is user friendly so start scoring goals.

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ManagerLeague - sport sim

15 comments on “ManagerLeague

  • Paul says:

    I played it for awhile but quit because I would yo-yo from Division 3 to Div. 2 and back to 3. Never had enough money to buy good players. It was a good game to play but my number one complaint was too many bot teams.

  • Mathieu says:

    Down since several hours :/

  • Nuno Miranda says:

    Melhor jogo de estratégia de futebol, jogo à vários anos sem me cansar, ainda não consegui estar na primeira divisão, mas lá chegarei

  • SANDORA says:


  • Ritchie Chitvun Sumbhoolaul says:

    Great game ! Well structured ! Contains League cup, Champions league and Euro League only for TOP teams fo shure!

  • Electrohippy says:

    Great game. Good development team who keep players updated with info. Fascinating gameplay. One to play for the long-haul.

  • Nemesis says:

    the best online football manager game i ever played

  • Pessoa9 says:

    Keep calm and love Manager League!

  • Ban Nowler says:

    Is fast with season is done within the month, and you can train your players to make them improve twice a day. And it’s challenging. Immediate success is not possible, everybody has a chance to be the best.

  • Nowler says:

    Pretty good game and is not as time consuming as many other games today.
    Take a little bit of time to get used to, but once you understand the basics, it’s great!
    Good forums also, so plenty of banter!

  • Del Boy says:

    Great game. Very addictive and there are no cheats or easy paths to success! 2 years and counting!!

  • Nafta says:

    Great Game! Obsessing and interesting. Various approaches could be followed for a team development! Also the game is supported by several analysis tools. A mania for those who like stats!

  • JCogs says:

    Great because of its flexibility. Other sim games have “a way” to win, but you can train your players and combine that with a unique strategy to compete any way you want. You compete in your nation’s league, but if you make your way to the top you get to compete in a Champions league style competition, fantasticly simple yet challenging. Great game.

  • Flirtybee says:

    Simple to start, complexity that grows as you do. Fabulous game, the best manager sim out there

  • YV says:

    Great game ! Well structured ! Contains League cup, Champions league and Euro League only for TOP teams fo shure!

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