Camadia is a free to play, text-based RPG. You’ll arrive at “Newfoundland”, island that’s intended to accommodate players up to level 25. Camadia has over 12 trainable skills and is a great game for people to play that love games but just don’t have the time to pay attention all the time. Launched on October 19th 2018. Community rapidly expanding. There are some perks that can be bought via donations, but nothing overpowered. Combat will require you to train multiple skills, Attack, Defense, Strength and Health. All four of these skills will determine how successful you are in combat. Manage your resources and level up your skills.

In a category: Strategy browser games
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8 comments on “Camadia

  • Kundar says:

    Nice game so far

  • Ignis Mundi says:

    This is shaping up to be a very nice game with a lovely community. I’d recommend it for people who like text-based rpg games.

  • Gorgonzola says:

    Right from the first click on this site I’ve been hooked. Camadia is real RPG based game that’ll definitely change the level of modern text based games. I see lots of potential in this game gowing forward and stands out to becoming no. 1 TBG game.

  • Drottning says:

    A fun game with a good community. The images are some of the best for a text based game and it’s easy to navigate.
    The admin is active and pays attention when people give feedback, either to fix what people have an issue with or explain why it is the way it is.

  • Genie says:

    Cracking little game. Will almost certainly grow really well if the start is anything to go by. Friendly and helpful players, overall a nice text based game. 5 stars!

  • cari says:

    great game, nice to be in at the start of a game, watch it evolve!

  • Someone says:

    Awesome game so far and the community is already growing into a nice one.

    Well thought out skills and looking forward to see what will come in the future

  • Doru says:

    I like the game

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