The Grail Lords

The Grail Lords is a free text-based browser game with medieval setting. Your character profile lets you to be aware of basic information like score, tokens, popularity, honour, level etc. Your residence is a room where you can eat/drink, look for clothes in the wardrobe or peek in the chest to find tools and items. Visit restaurant, go to blacksmith, purchase various items, take courses in the Academy or try to get a job. The Great Hall is the center of the city where you can pay taxes or make a donation.

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The Grail Lords

14 comments on “The Grail Lords

  • Onii chan says:

    Fun, detailed game. Play now before everyone starts to playing this awesome game!

  • Sweettea says:

    I just started, But it seems Like my kinda game XD

  • Hannah says:

    A great game!
    Do not be misleaded by the old fashioned look or the high learn-curve at the start. This game combines old-school browser game elements with a depth similar to the ones you can find in games as unreal world or rimworld. But unlike those games, you here can trade, talk and interact with other people. The community is small, but very friendly for no other reason then the interest they share in the game.

    If you like a challenge, or want something new, then I highly advise this game.

  • Halcyon says:

    A very fun and addictive game, which you can spend as much time on as you please.
    It has a tonne of skills to choose from to make your experience unique.

  • Terrai says:

    I’d absolutely recommend giving this game a shot! Exactly what I was looking for in a text-based RPG/adventure. It’s fun, it’s free, and the time commitment is low – I’d say less than half an hour a day.

    I love the diversity of the in-game economy and professions too. You can fight monsters, go mining with your pickaxe, raise cows and pigs, heal fellow citizens in the hospital, and much more. The choices are yours, and so is the fun!

  • kloroplast says:

    nice game

  • Myrth says:

    Fun daily game. Free. Interesting, but not a massive time commitment.

  • mosu says:

    the best

  • Robert says:

    Great game easy to pick up with little commitments for time. The developer is a great guy and can be found in the chat often and responds to questions quickly and always listens to new ideas he could incorporate. I’ve been playing for over 5 years and still love this game.

  • Hadrian says:

    Choose One’s Destiny
    Endless Possibilities
    The Grail Lords awaits

    Also friendly people in the tavern !

  • Mikester Brau says:

    I love this game and have played it daily since September. I used to play and host a lot of BBS games and this captures a lot of the flavor and feel of some of the old games while also incorporating modern game play elements and mechanics. Easy to get started and really no wrong way to play. It works pretty well on my iPhone as well. You can do everything you need to in a few minutes a day but once the hooks kick in you will want to check it more often.

  • Axel says:

    Cool game with a huge amount of content. Not everything is finished but is the dev actively adds depth and completes chapters. The best thing is its not P2W. There is a premium currency but its accessible to free users in a number of ways including buying them with in-game no restrictions. And the premium content has been nerfed over time to prevent abuse.

  • Garlic says:

    Addicted to this game! Great community! Very helpful.

  • Cpt_Coot says:

    Great game. Limited commitment per day– Complex yet easy to learn systems. Good community.

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