iGP Manager

iGP Manager is a sport browser game about racing management. Create your team by entering information about a team manager and your team. First you must join a league. Design your race car, make great deals with partners and keep an eye on your financial situation. Train different drivers and their various skills such as speed, defending, technical etc. Staff section offers you information about your team members, their skills and wage. Win races and upgrade your reputation.

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iGP Manager

3 comments on “iGP Manager

  • Peter Kofat says:

    Just one more of those pay to win games..Not worth your time and money. On top of that you get a lot of bugs to deal with.

  • Ray Parker says:

    This is a great game. I am a massive Formula 1 fan, and this game has given me a whole new appreciation for the behind the scenes strategy action.

  • michael bishop says:

    I love this game can meet new friends and chat

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