Grand Prix Racing Online

Grand Prix Racing Online is a racing browser game that allows you to build fast cars, race with other opponents and hire the best crew to win. After registering you must stay on the waiting list until the team of Grand Prix Racing Online has approved your account. Make sure to improve your car with stats such as Acceleration, Handling, Power and Balance. These stats are necessary to create a fast car and reach top rankings. Get sponsors, hire a manager or keep an eye on a live race.

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Grand Prix Racing Online

6 comments on “Grand Prix Racing Online

  • Babis says:

    Avoid at all costs ! If you wanna progress in higher divisions you need to have a friend in high divisions, that means he knows what is the perfect driver who will give you the boost to climb up. If you have no one to help you out you are cursed in lower divisions. And a bad community that will not share their knowledge on game cause they have something called “find out by your own” wich needs you to pay a lot and for many many many seasons !!!!!

  • nikos says:

    great game

  • Alex says:

    GPRO is a great game, community is great and most people are really freindly. Come play and support this awesome game 🙂

  • Fellix says:


  • Dave Grey says:

    The game is average, tedious to manage. The actual game race engine is great, but you don’t play on a race engine. Top teams are database formulas, which tells them which values to put in, so you’re reduced to playing database formula against database formula. It reduces the enjoyment and purpose of playing. But the game is too tedious without it.

    The actual forum community isn’t the most friendly, but if your not interested in the forum, this isn’t a major issue.

  • Mick says:

    Have been immersed in this game for the past 3 1/2 years. Awesome 😀

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