Immortal Night

Immortal Night is a vampire based browser game. When you create your character, you can choose between Vampire or Lycan. Game has its own forum and chat room. Get yourself primary weapon, secondary weapon and some armor and go hunting to gain money and levels. Gain stats like strenght, speed, labour, accuracy, defense and IQ. You start with your own propery, a grave, later on you can find yourself in a fancy castle. Game has a lot of more functions so it takes time to discover all the functions it has.

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Vampire browser game

6 comments on “Immortal Night

  • a name says:

    the main staff member is highly rude and patronizing

  • Kityre says:

    Highly against playing this game. Staff are unhelpful, verbally attack you in messages. Took the time to start a genuine relationship with one, sexted multiple times with each other. Had a single fight, divorced, she reported me for sexting and only i got banned. Game is strongly in favor of female players, and staff will quickly take any females side in any argument.

  • Anon says:

    As most reviewers on many other review sites will say this games staff are very unhelpful and will take your money yet will make no effort to fix their broken game and
    Will either ignore you or ban your account if you dare to complain.

  • Nunyas says:

    This game could have potential, but the customer service is terrible. From what I been told the owners of the game do the customer service. I am unsure why people would want to play a game that in your time of need it is met with rude responses.

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