Path of the Vampire

Path of the Vampire is a fun browser-based roleplaying game that takes you to the bloody vampire world. In Path of the Vampire you can choose whether you would like to become a vampire or a human. You can also pick out your path and gender. Path of the Vampire assumes that you gain a lot of experience and try to earn lots of cash. Experience could be gathered by exploring the world. It’s important to think about battling tactics that would give you benefits.

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Path of the Vampire

4 comments on “Path of the Vampire

  • Necalli says:

    Great community of grid play and role play alike. In depth, interactive storyline with continual updates and progression. RPG and PvP heavy, and great player customization ability. Strongly advised to give it a try!

  • Jesse says:

    The community here is thriving! New players are welcomed with enthusiasm. The grid and the game work together to help with character development in a way I have seen nowhere else – you can be a gamer only, or you can be a writer only and level your character with writing alone.

  • Mora says:

    Brilliant place to write with very talented, encouraging writers. Grid is well designed. Community is friendly and always willing to talk to new players! Come check us out!

  • mordechai says:

    Well designed grid play and active role play community. Always new updates, and an interactive storyline, come join us and affect the future.

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