Rogue Vampires

Rogue Vampires is a web-based vampire text game with killing and survival. The city has many various possibilities so wander around and get to know the city better. Train your stats to become even more successful vampire and stay alive in this cruel world. Take into consideration the course type, difficulty, price and pick out necessary courses to get education. Very friendly community and quite active forum where you can find answers to your questions.

In a category: Vampire browser games
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Rogue Vampires

2 comments on “Rogue Vampires

  • 29064 says:

    The game is on it’s “last leg”. The coding is so outdated and abandoned by the owner, Jez. The admins and secretaries do not have access to the site’s codes, so fixing the bugs and glitches in the game are futile. However, my account was deleted because my brother and I being teenagers and living under the same roof… he (30489) was also deleted (even though we never traded, gave money or anything because of the IP conflict. Still, some female Secretary had us both deleted as muli-accounts.)

  • Tattoo says:

    not worth the effort of playing anymore the owner has not been on the game in well over a year and there is little hope of him returning to do updates or special holiday events like there used to be

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