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Bane of Sin

Bane of Sin

Bane of Sin is a browser game where you can play as a vampire. Hunt for Humans or hunt for Scions to find coins. Increase the power of your army, collect resources and buy yourself dangerous weapons. Find the right vampires and attack them. Underground has various actions that cost you blood or plasma. The graveyard is meant for exploring to find different types of bones. Enter caves, increase the stats of your vampire and reach Vampire Ranks.

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Text based browser game


MonstersGame is a text-based browser game. It’s your decision whether to be a vampire or become a werewolve. Create your character and develop it further. Fight against enemies and use Blood Crystals to improve your equipment so you could be able to cause more damage. Improve your strength so you could make more damage and improve your damage so you will be defended more. Gain more experience as you fight against characters who have the same or higher level than you. Can you be the best?

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