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August 12, 2015 | 8 Comments| Minethings

Minethings Code Giveaway

Grab the free code for Minethings to get in-game credits that would normally cost real cash. For new users, this is a great chance to start your journey with extra premium credits because this code can be used only if you account is less than 10 days old. This coupon code will expire in 3 months, after that you won’t be able to use the code.

20 credits code for new users

Giveaway code: NewRPGcredits

How to use this giveaway code

How to use giveaway code

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8 comments on “Minethings – Free code for credits

  • Lorne says:

    Coupon expired 11/11

  • imp says:

    Pretty fancy game. Love that you progress and gather resources and items 24/7 when you are not logged in.

  • MeMeh says:

    What is the end date, what is the last day i can use the code??

  • worsethanIE says:

    The game is too freaking slow, this is not my internet problem, because other sites load just fine. It’s impossible to play if you have to wait minutes for the page to load.

    • Japhet says:

      Where do you live approximately? Which pages do you find slow? I live in eastern US and find the pages load rather quickly. It depends on what you’re doing though. The machines page can be slow. The vehicle send page can be slow if you have a lot of things to send.

  • Hylss says:

    You do realize 20 credits pretty much nothing you can do with it right?

    • Japhet says:

      You can triple your mining rate for 6 weeks! That’s a 12-week head start over non-paying players.

    • LepriX says:

      Never heard of it before, although i’ve played 99% of idle games in Kongregate and ArmorGames. BTW the key is shown, shouldn’t it be hidden and then generated if you clicked a button?

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