New space themed strategy game!

January 06, 2015

New text based browser game arrived!

Game called Sol Source Online has lot’s of potential, but lacks huge community.

Sol Source Online is sci-fi space strategy game. Currently has a very small community so if you start playing now you can get a good head start!

Sci-Fi space browser game

Registration is simple, no e-mail confirmation is required, just type in info and play.

What features does it have?

  • Tick-Based (1 Hour)
  • 5 Main Resources
  • 3 Races – (Advena, Neo-Idaltu, Genos)
  • 10 Unique fleet ships per class
  • 10+ Structures
  • 9 Planets – Players Location
  • 8 Research Items
  • 3 War Generals – 3 Attacks every 30 minutes
  • In-Game Messaging, News & Colony Reporting
  • Confederations (Teams/Alliances)
  • Precise Economy
  • Player vs. Player Only

This is a promising game and has interesting features, give it a try!
Read more about Sol Source Online.

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