R.I.P ZeldereX Online

June 14, 2015 | 27 Comments| ZeldereX Online

For quite some time now, ZeldereX Online has been offline. There are no signs that the game is going to be revived in the future. Their facebook feed has also stopped and no announcements have been published by ZeldereX team that the game will continue any time soon. The last round that the game has was Round 37 of World 1. Game was developed by Evil Cat Games. No premium gold refunds will be given out. They were not known and didn’t have popular browser games. Browser gaming competition is tough and everyone can’t be on top. Fortunately there are other similar games that have a huge community and active development and no signs of stopping. We suggest you find yourself another similar SciFi browser game.

One last glance at ZeldereX Online

Main goal was to lead and control the galaxy. had five different races to choose from. You could manage your own planet like in similar SciFi games. Of course you built yourself an army manage its equipment and advance your empire. It was supposed to be a Massive multiplayer strategy game, but sadly there was nothing massive about the community.

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27 comments on “R.I.P ZeldereX Online

  • Valom says:

    Hey folks, Valom here from season 4-6 time frame. It was cool to see a bunch of names here from over a decade ago. I was in Vengeance back in the day and I still use the clan name in other games that I play and make a clan.
    It seems a lot of you all were in clans that were enemies to Vengeance, Pasta’s for sure; Foundation, I think was enemies to Vengeance too. Hope you all are doing well.

  • JMLW100 says:

    Just looking for the game…. haven’t played in years. I remember it took a few rounds to get to know who was who and figure out a strategy, then it was a blast. Probably had the most fun when we started BCINYA and spending time on chat with the team- miss it a little, but don’t miss waking up through the night to protect the assets.

  • 5toned says:

    Pastafarians never die… we just fade away.
    Long live the Rainbow Bears of Love 😂

    this was such a fun game while it lasted. In my honest opinion it wasn’t the game mechanics which made it fun, it was the clan warfare and social aspects of it that was a blast. The early versions of world one were probably the best… whatever happened to Tuppy55 🤣
    I do recall that some of the players had migrated to another game that was similar but way more involved… but these days I can’t remember the name of it it’s been too long. Was a nice little flashback coming across this article though.

  • Warlordmax says:

    hey guys i miss it
    is there any similar fun games?

  • Chuckie185 says:

    Had a blast at the original game…hey guys..


  • flyboy says:

    I played this ages ago and did pretty well, was in top 10 start of some round for a while (I can’t remember which anymore) 10+ years ago….was fun in the old ZX chat. Was involved with The Foundation (I think it was?) and pantera (429_pant or something was the player?) Damn this was a while ago…..

  • icechiller says:

    long forgotton memory’s everyone here is g*y as f*ck

  • Farseer says:

    Played this game years ago, just thought about it now and thought I could play it again, didn’t know it ended already…
    Played a few rounds but I guess finishing rank 17 during round 6 of World 2 was my biggest accomplishment in this game
    Still remember how I envied the clan Potato Face for having a lot of strong members lol

  • Coolpotter says:

    Ah, ZeldereX. I remember attempting to play the game, getting really invested, but I then needed to stop. Basically, the players above me couldn’t kill anyone else and kept killing me because I was new and constantly rebuilding. Even when the servers restart, I got demolished by all the players in the top 20 just because I existed and didn’t have enough people between myself and them to really progress.

    It was an okay game. I mean, I became a co-owner 8 years ago of a guild (I think that’s what this guild called them) by merit of my math skills (no joke), but I still couldn’t manage to build faster than I was being destroyed, and, with no restart button, I was basically screwed. :/

  • Promius says:

    I was fighting in the top 5 many rounds, miss the game.

  • Exrecon says:

    Was a great game for a while. Nothing really stands out as the cause of the game ending (other then low player count)
    My game name was Exrecon and I played for several years.

  • Debs says:

    It was a great game in its hay day I often got in to the top 5.but like most games of its type ,the big players get bigger and the small players quit , which leads to the game ending for good , but I still miss the game

    • Tweeter says:

      I agree

    • Blink says:

      Hey Deb, I hope you’re doing well, I miss you guys! Heh, yeah we tore that game up for several years didn’t we? lol Those were some good times… Zinner & I are friends in real life (long distance mind you, we met in ZX) & I talk to him off & on, he’s doing well. Dunno if you heard or not but Aamaza (Robin) passed away not too long ago.

      I’ll look for you on Zin’s FB friends list & if you’re there I’ll friend you.

      Stay safe! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to play this game years ago. Got in the top 30 which was quite the accomplishment given I was in elementary school and had to login every lunch to minimize damage from getting attacked. I even spied on our rival clan for a bit. It was a great game.

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