Torn City – 10th anniversary

December 20, 2014 | 2 Comments

Congratulations to Torn City (On November 15th)! Successful text-based browser game that has survived with us for so long and is still one of the most popular game. Lot’s of updates and functions have been added within those 10 years. Let’s see the latest updates that were done in Torn City:

  • Attacking now only uses 25 energy.
  • Group attacking, attack and debuff opponents together.
  • Live action, view the fight as it’s happening with others.
  • Damage, strength, armour and life has been totally reworked.
  • All statistics reformulated to give each one equal worth.
  • Ammo system now features 19 real ammo types.
  • Advanced post-fight logs with different filtering options.
  • Mugging is now more rewarding whilst preventing chain-mugs.
  • View exactly what drugs are doing to your statistics during attacks.
  • Defending preferences are available, customise how you act.
  • Use and automatically re-equip temp weapons while defending.
  • Disable reloading of certain weapons while defending.
  • Watch the game unravel live before your eyes, all on one page.
  • Great (non-lame) sound effects which really heighten suspense.
  • Unlockable features like “Act of courage” and a new honour bar.

Torn city birthday

As you can see, Torn City keeps its content up-to-date. Torn City does not seem to fade out in the near future. Rock solid text based browser game with rich features and modern tweaks. Also mobile friendly, game will adjust to your mobile screen to make your mobile gameplay better and more quick.

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2 comments on “Torn City – 10th anniversary

  • Chrys says:

    I’ve been playing Torn only few days ago…
    A lot to do, a lot to learn. I was a little bit taken aback when i saw that some player were there for the past 10 years accumulating a lot of stuffs and personal stat, then, i began to play, trust me, you’ll get hooked after 10 clicks, the only things I will recommend new player is patience, Rome was not built in one day, so a good account in Torn will need at least 1 year I was told, so join me, join Torn and do it on your own pace and with your own objectives…

  • Vargoya Aldent says:

    I have been playing for years now and the game is just as good now as it was back then.

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