Ant Wars

Ant Wars is a unique ant themed TBBG. At first you only have a Queen, you should slowly start building up your army. You can send your troops our to attack, hunt or to reinforce other colonies or hunting fields. Hatch ants in an Incubator, the higher the level the faster they are hatched. Upgrade your infrastructure to receive various bonuses such as faster workers and more warehouse space. Create alliances with other players.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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ant wars

3 comments on “Ant Wars

  • Sofi says:

    Just started playing and I’m loving it so far. Very original and a good time killer.

  • Rez says:

    As soon I saw the game, I liked it from the beginning it’s loaded. Gamer did a good job. Hats off πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Shine says:

    Amazing game, amazing idea, to those who love ants and for those who love strategy games as well! With a lot of potential to grow. Amazing community and new ideas comming!

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