Antaris Legacy

Antaris Legacy is a text-based Sci-Fi browser game. You should start by increasing your production and researching new technologies. Starting with one planet and later on colonizing various other planets to expand. Increase your defense units and create hangar units. Five main resources are iron, gold, energy, crystal and elyrium. Outstanding futuristic artwork and active game development.

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6 comments on “Antaris Legacy

  • player says:

    How can I play this game in English? I can see the screenshot above in English but when I visit the site it is in French.. I would really like to check this game out.

    • Scape says:

      I think they gave up on the English version of the game. I used to play it in English as well, but now can’t find it anywhere. I guess we have to learn French or use google translator 😀

  • Jill says:

    Hello everyone! Well, really a great game base in SG (star gate movie) I play a lot of games, 2moons, ogame etc. but this one is a new vision, i loved it, for me there is no better game. this is the concept of the new generation game. I truly recommend you to play this one!

  • anytime says:

    hammer game!!!

  • Super Saiyan says:

    Best server so far i’ve met, but still needs more improvements and fixes.

  • kera says:

    Game ia great… great admin and lots of players!!!

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