Armaldia is city building strategy/simulator game in which you can build together with your friends on the same map. Create your own in-game items and even change game constants, for example tax rate once you’re elected into government. Gather resources to build your own city and win leader boards. Each game round has limited amount of players that can join. Lots of different building types and various manufacturing options. Modern and mobile-friendly game interface.

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7 comments on “Armaldia

  • Boon says:

    Armaldia is no longer available, don’t bother.

  • Art says:

    Seemed quit appealing, played for a few days and was really getting into it then hit with major Bug and was completely shut out.

  • Katie says:

    Me personaly, I really enjoy the power when you are elected to the governmet, I like to build stuff 🙂

  • Lamp, citizen of armaldia says:

    You can also fight your friends. There is that. The beaten will walk with scratch marks and black eyes for a while.
    But the really interesting thing for me my personally is the everchanging economy. You can craft n sell, you can also do contract jobs for others. Buy materials of the marked or harvest them yourself.
    Personally it seemed a little slow at first, but now it hooked me, I’m logging in atleast trice a day

  • mansim says:

    I like this game – mostly city building, upgrades and easy chat. Here are really many options choosing the game path and influence the game.

    I give a BIG plus for this game! Really worth trying out .

  • Wat says:

    It’s fun to be a part of something just getting off the ground! The creators are responsive and listening and implementing your suggestions every day which makes you able to influence the game even more.

    Ability to create your own items is priceless. Never before I had the chance to do borderline ridiculous stuff and be awarded for that. 😀

  • Arminas says:

    Wonderful, innovative, collaborative and very compelling browser game! So many options to influence and tweak the game itself, craft your own custom items and build with friends!!!

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