Astral Conquest

Astral Conquest is a free text-based sci-fi browser game where you can explore the galaxy and develop your strategy. You can construct various buildings to help you progress further in the game. Build a solar plant because solar power plants absorb energy and all mines need energy to operate. Consider building a research lab to conduct research into new technologies. You can build storages to provide storage for excess resources. In addition, you should build a shipyard because this is the place where ships and defensive facilities are built. Robot factories provide construction robots to help out in the construction of buildings.

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Astral Conquest

2 comments on “Astral Conquest

  • Sinstrite says:

    I have been playing since Omnium opened. The first thing right off the bat that you get with this game that others don’t offer much is direct contact with the developer when he’s online. He is very open to suggestions and criticism and wants to make the game something worth investing time into as a player.

    The mechanics have come a long way and I expect they will continue to do so given time. There are a few bugs and sometimes gamebreaking ones can happen but the dev is usually able to take care of it pretty quickly. Of the bugs I have seen, there has never been one which causes you to lose anything you have gained. This game is one that needs more active players that aren’t in it purely to pvp or to rise to the top, the game needs people to help test more and give feedback to the dev.

    Keep an eye on this game because even though it might seem dirty at the moment, a nice clean and polish will make this one to keep around, I fully believe it.

  • KappaDissapointed says:

    Dissapointing game. A lot of bugs in this game, as it is kinda new game. Also tech tree is very limited and managing ur account is slow(poorly made menu/game mechanics). Only 1 guy is developing the game, so fixing bugs is slow and adding new content even slower. Was a waste of time for me… i played about a month hoping bugs will be fixed but just new bugs came after olds were fixed…..

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