Astral Conquest

Astral Conquest is a free text-based sci-fi browser game where you can explore the galaxy and develop your strategy. You can construct various buildings to help you progress further in the game. Build a solar plant because solar power plants absorb energy and all mines need energy to operate. Consider building a research lab to conduct research into new technologies. You can build storages to provide storage for excess resources. In addition, you should build a shipyard because this is the place where ships and defensive facilities are built. Robot factories provide construction robots to help out in the construction of buildings.

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Astral Conquest

One comment on “Astral Conquest

  • KappaDissapointed says:

    Dissapointing game. A lot of bugs in this game, as it is kinda new game. Also tech tree is very limited and managing ur account is slow(poorly made menu/game mechanics). Only 1 guy is developing the game, so fixing bugs is slow and adding new content even slower. Was a waste of time for me… i played about a month hoping bugs will be fixed but just new bugs came after olds were fixed…..

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