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Battered Shield

Battered Shield is a free browser-based text game where you can enter a significant fighting world. There’s an opportunity to acquire skills by upgrading skills to the next level. The list of skills contains fishing, cooking, woodcutting, farming, crafting, hunting, smithing and many other skills. If you have acquired great skills, it’s also time to purchase a perfect equipment. On the left you can see your current quests so complete missions and earn awards.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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Battered Shield

15 comments on “Battered Shield

  • Eric says:

    I have been playing this game for 3 months now. Its is really good! They just did a major re-haul of the xp system and its really helps the game progression pace! The game is in Beta but the admin are adding content at a great rate and its keep the game fresh. There will be no more server resets so any progression is permanent!
    I am not sure exactly what people wanted in this game (the people that left poor reviews) but this game fulfills a kind of game I have been looking for, for years! Its a great idle game which requires teamwork to excel.
    The perks you get from donation are very mostly about convenience (not getting ahead), which means that dedication and time is what allows people to be at the top of the leader boards. Its true that some skills have a faster xp rate that others, but most MMOS have some skills that progress at a slower pace and take more time/effort and materials to progress. That is part of the game design.
    Give the game a chance! Come on in and chat with people. Try the tutorial quest. They are fun and well done, and teach the game well. I hope to see you in game!

    Eric- (My in game name)

  • Anthony says:

    I have never been more thoroughly disappointed and underwhelmed by a game. It is apparent that the developers have little to no clue in regards to both coding and balance, and therefore the few updates that do manage to make it through are often riddled with bugs and are so poorly balanced they might as well not be there. Multiple exploitable bugs are strewn throughout the game, and a poor developer response to accompany them- indeed, the developer allows his clan mates to abuse these bugs, and, when he does decide to patch the occasional bug, seems content to allow his friends to reap the rewards of his inability to code. Furthermore, the moderation is an absolute joke- double standards are the norm, and woe betide you if you happen to get on the bad side of these biased mods, you’ll find yourself muted for the smallest infractions. You’ll also happen to notice, if you do make the mistake of signing up for BatteredShield, that most of these reviews come from moderators or the friends of the developer, as evidence from Saunterra’s above post, where she finds it fit to lambaste ‘Lucy’ for leaving a detailed review on a review site! Heavens forbid that someone /actually/ gives some insight into a new players experience on this game. Oh, I suppose I ought to mention that, despite the game currently being in a ‘BETA’ phase, there is no planned reset for when the game is ‘completed’ (if it ever gets there), and this means that those players who abused XP mechanics have an unassailable leads- you won’t be catching up to them, ever! But, not to worry, you can reach endgame levels in a matter of days, and, as new zones are added at a snail’s pace, there’s no reason to go beyond endgame content. I can not possibly recommend that you sign up for this game- if you do, use a different password, the game has also had multiple security errors with SQL injections and the like.

    • Henry says:

      You realize there is a bugs/comment section for comments such as this? Leaving this on a review site does nothing to help the game. Your minor concerns only drive people away. Talk to silk.

      • Juliette says:

        You realize this is a review site and the game should be critiqued as well so that people understand what they are potentially joining, no need just to have shills here commenting to make these wholly inadequate game seem half decent.

  • boxsalesman says:

    The concept of the game was interesting and refreshing at first but it quickly came apparant that the development team does not know how to balance. I’d say they even have a complete lack of the concept of balance. New content is just being introduced without any thought of fixing the existing issues. If you just want to mess around a bit and do some random stuff it’s a decent game. If you care about being top leaderboards and achieveing a strong character, don’t bother. Progress is meaningless.

  • Yuna says:

    Alright so I’ve played Battered Shield for a bit here now and so I feel comfortable giving a review. It’s an enjoyable game, in my opinion. There are a few minor issues, but over all it is a lot of fun and most people I interact with are generally helpful.

    * Active developers and this means that bugs are addressed relatively quickly, down time was frequent for a short while, but always addressed quickly
    * Suggestions are listened to, discussed, and often put into play. Changes are being made actively, the game is improving, and even in the month or so I’ve played there have been considerable improvements.
    * Good community
    * Actively working to improve the game

    * Feed back and suggestions area IS cluttered and only really navigatable by searching.
    * UI is still too small in some places (there is word that they’re working on this. Typos are also being corrected as they’re caught)

  • Peste says:

    Honestly a great game, few typos asides (I mean, what game has ever had perfect grammar.) It was one of the most community driven games of the type I have seen and requires a great deal of cooperative game play if you are interested in guilds and growing as a team. I have not tried the solo play, but know several people are currently doing it and still find it enjoyable without being overwhelming in the slightest. Is everything released yet? No, because its a beta. The admins are constantly adding and improving upon the game play, so its definitely worth checking out.

  • Michelle says:

    This is a new text game still in Beta. Sure there are a couple typos but it takes some time to iron out all the wrinkles. Very realistic, in depth time based skilling compared to others. Whether you are a battler, Farmer, Miner, Crafter, Fisher, Cook ect.. there is something for you to do. Team oriented and Friendly community. Come join us and try it today. Pickles~ Burning Saints

  • One of One says:

    Its a nice little game. Been playing for a Month Now. The Dev’s are continually working on it to fix any Typo’s or other problems that may occur. And they continually add new content. Its worth checking out.

  • Vlomaster says:

    Great Game! Plenty Of Potential

  • Lucy says:

    I’m feeling interested in this game, however as a newcomer I’m also iffy about it because I’ve found a few typo’s(I really believe if you’re going to make a game, you should very much make sure there’s no typo’s or mistakes of any kind(in game things are bound to happen even after being tested so I understand that)…I also found that the top of the game play area where it shows Oboe(money) and such, is too small(and the wiki link is around that area, it should stand out for sure)- Within the wiki I found that the emotes(emoji’s is what they call them in game, meh), are duplicated which makes it look like someone didn’t triple check things, they just slapped it all together…I also found the report feedback/bugs link to be too small and honestly when I opened it, it was way too cluttery and messy, as a new player I am baffled that there are not sections for suggestions, bugs, etc. but that every single topic is blam, right in your face =-/ I browsed a couple of pages to see what various things were going on in the game and found there are alot of things wrong and alot of things not useable and also that a skill is worthless to train past a certain level because the fish isn’t useable or anything…I’m sensing that even though the game is in beta, that it was slapped together rather quickly even if it was pre-beta and everything/everyone was wiped and then it was put into beta- I’ll give it a go for a day and I hope that the game progresses because I know alot of people that play it 🙂 I also hate giving negative reviews, but when things look this sloppy, I cannot help but wonder how many people look up reviews of game before or while they are playing just so they can get an idea of what others think about it and I really like being upfront and honest

    • Saunterra says:

      You realize there is a bugs/comment section for comments such as this? Leaving this on a review site does nothing to help the game. Your minor concerns only drive people away. Talk to silk.

      • SaunterraBlows says:

        You realize this is a review site and the game should be critiqued as well so that people understand what they are potentially joining, no need just to have shills here commenting to make these wholly inadequate game seem half decent.

  • Saunterra says:

    Great game, if you check it out feel free to join my clan; Burning Saints (BS)

  • Vilsonia says:

    This game really does deserve a look. I play several and really enjoy this one.

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