Browser Dota

Browser Dota is a turn based RPG-like real-time browser game inspired by Valve’s famous Dota 2 game elements. In this strategic multiplayer game, your objective is to make the strongest hero by reaching the highest level during a match which lasts a week. Each hero has a combination of different skills and items that are put to the test in various battles, or ‘ganks’, in which the outcome depends on who has the best combination, or ‘build’. There are over 50 different skills, over 40 different items and 3 main attribute to choose from: Agility, Strength and Intelligence, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

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NB! Browser Dota is currently OFFLINE
Browser Dota

13 comments on “Browser Dota

  • quenster says:

    Miss this game so much. Wonder what happened with the devs. Game was removed with no warning to its players. If only someone picked up the core and bring the game back online. It was tons of fun.

  • Mike says:

    Link directs me to non-browserdota site

  • pantyhose4 says:

    Man isn’t the community great? Besides Partyhattar of course

  • DiesIre says:

    Good game, could have been better if Partyhattar was removed.
    Kidding, He is not so bad.

  • Onedumfuqman says:

    This game is a lot of fun to play and a great time killer during those fun dota queue times. Can confirm that the best part of the game is watching partyhatter die to 4 counter helix procs

  • Ptyrell says:

    Best way to spend your time while searching for your next dota match. This game is fairly new and has its own evolving meta. The people are nice, and there are even opportunities to win dota treasure chests worth Steam dollars. The game resets every week so you are able to try out different strategies each time. Definitely worth checking out if you like Dota 2.

    • Partyhattar says:

      Treasure chests currently no longer used for prizes. Instead you get premium rank for a certain amount of time (depending on how well you did). Premium rank gives some nice convenience perks.

  • Lundix says:

    Yeah Partyhattar is a dick, but the game is fun.

  • pantyhose4 says:

    I agree with @Partyhattar even though i really dont like him. Very simple and fun

  • Partyhattar says:

    Perfect game to have as a side thing. Does not take up much time, leave it while waiting to respawn and come back to it once you’re out in lane so you can start ganking other players.

    Nice community with many active players on the games Discord chat. Much fun and much learning about the game is had there.

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