Combat Grounds

Combat Grounds is a massively multiplayer online Role Playing Game. The game includes politics and is great for players who are interested in politics or want to rule the battlefield using words. There are many possibilities in this game. You can become either a Navy Seal, a Soldier or a Terrorist. Choose your path and conquer yourself to the top.

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5 comments on “Combat Grounds

  • gmdave says:

    Game can be fun but only with friends. However it is incredibly P2W and unless you join one of the top tier clans and pool money with them you will never win at all, ever. They pour hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the game to ensure their victory and if you don’t “play” by their rules (the elite players that run the show) you will get nuked into oblivion every single round.

    Not worth playing at all. It’s incredibly toxic and wins are manipulated by real money transactions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wish players would come back..

  • BearHunter says:

    That game owner steals email passwords, please beware of signing up to this criminal/fraudulent site

    • BoarHunter says:

      One person out 100,000 that has played this game had an issue like that. Someone is just sad because they couldnt learn to play a game

  • CG says:

    Game is hard pay to win.

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