CosmoPulse is a browser strategy game in sci-fi setting. Build your empire, join alliances, fight pirates. Gameplay is slow-paced and encourages steady development. Mechanics of the game allow for plundering or taking over planets of other players. Another feature is a Fog of War which allows players to implement some secret tactics, and makes espionage important feature.In the Galaxy you can find also some ancient Relics, that can allow you to to travel faster, improve effects of training of your crew, or help to defend your planets from the enemies.

In a category: Sci-Fi browser games
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2 comments on “CosmoPulse

  • WradX says:

    If you are tired of the usual OGame copies and clones then try this game now. It actually has strategic depth, a real space map, realistic space travel times, varied resource and research options and Pirates!. Seriously, give it a try. It will take a few days to get into the flow so don’t give up too soon. Small but helpful community. Use chat for questions.

  • whisky_lover says:

    No need to stck to your computer 24hrs a day – this one is a long-term low- to mid-commitment game (depending on your playstyle). Definitely worth a try.

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