Crown of the Gods

Crown of the Gods is a real-time strategy MMO. Mostly involving your resources, dungeons, sieges, continents, portals and much more. This is not a Pay to Win game. You can build empires and enjoy the real-time combat system. Trading system, lots of different troops and buildings available for your empire. Official launch date of CotG was 2015.

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44 comments on “Crown of the Gods

  • Aslan says:

    complete sham run by a bunch of con artists, beware!

    • Used to love it says:

      there are serious questions around the integrity of the devs and the guy who runs it. cheaters with dollar seem to be impervious to any rules and the other players suffer as a result

  • Arkloki says:

    Null Game

    Enormously lag, a lot of bug, a customer service to shit, changes in the mechanics to force out the wallet and spend a lot of money …

    We are very far from Lord of ultima

  • DeadlyErnest says:

    Not bad at all, the game has great depth. You DO need to pay a little for the auto builds etc, lets be clear about that. This is not a free game unless you want to be a very small player. You also need a good alli which is always a big challenge. The game has been a little glitchy but the devs are on the case. I will play the next server, for sure/

    • John says:

      they say this game is all fun but if u dont spend money to play u will not do good an u will just get killed right away.. an if your not gordy friend or in the right alliance u are doom from the start he helps his friends an gives them free stuff to help them win the game.. An if u have more then 1 person that plays from your house never do any trades or he will just take your money an banned u.. I dont recommand this game to anyone..

  • Empreror says:

    COTG is much better than LOU ever was. The game inspires passion which is why you get so many varied viewpoints. Currently you can try the game for free and you never need to spend a dime to do it. The strategy is so deep it takes 10 years to master this game, but like chess it’s easy to learn.
    Play as hard or as easy as you want.

  • Adam says:

    Horrible game. I played LoU for almost 4 years. This game is HORRIBLE. They do not ban cheaters. I played they OPEN BETA. I will never give this game another penny. Don’t give them a dime. This game needs to go under.

    • Rosie says:

      They discounted the empires of the W01 cheaters by 33%, so everyone knew it was them. It was hilarious. All the people indicted had to quit out of pure shame. Miles more effective than a full ban would have ever been. 10/10!

      • Adam says:

        This person is a liar. No one quit and penalty did not hurt alliance. Some players banned for who knows what reason, while proven cheaters still play. They payed a lot of money? Don’t play this garbage game.

        • Rosie says:

          Every single one of them quit in shame lol. Go to the game and ask in world chat for the players’ names, everyone knows them. Then check the game for those players. They’re not there, because those guys can not play anymore.

          “Some players banned for who knows what reason” <– Lol did you get banned, Adam? No wonder you're trying to give the game a bad review XD


          • Adam says:

            Another wack job making up fantasy world’s in her head and calling them reality. Typical, rose. The game is horrible. Pay to play like all other games. Those idiots have too much money in the game like rosie and will lie through their teeth. Stay away from garbage games like this and liars like rosie. Have a great day!

    • John says:

      This game is all about money he lies…

  • Warjunkie says:

    Best game of this type for sure and I have played them all.

  • Xerxes001 says:

    A unique and sophisticated strategy game requiring intense team work and real commitment in order to succeed. True many LOU addicts wanted a replacement for their compulsion but with the bugs and weaknesses ironed. That is what CotG are delivering. A better evolution of an outstanding concept.

    More equitable with less advantage for paying players and the capability for all players to choose not to pay and obtain same advantages via in game activity.

    The game raises strong feelings because you CANT pay to win and you CANT take short cuts. If you don’t have the tactical skills or can’t work as part of an effective team that uses your talents to the best advantage then you CANNOT succeed. Listening to some of the venom above one can only speculate as to which of the necessary qualities some critics are missing….

    It is a niche product. Not everyone’s cup of tea. It happens to be mine….and many many others … I think it has a very strong future and would thank developers for the risk they have taken.

  • player says:

    I would like to try this game but do I really have to pay to do so? That is ridiculous. No pay to win? Pay to play for sure.

    • Rammy says:

      Hi mate, you only have to pay for the Beta’s which is ongoing. The real worlds should be opening early 2016 which is of course free 🙂

    • max says:

      hello friends
      i played lord of ultima also but ..i want say about money …money will effect this because everyone not rich like you also like your country.. most important country currency.. if developer will make denrai in $ then it will be very expensive for other (poor country) for my country 1$= 67 times then how i can get ministers …
      please make denrai price acourding to country currency.
      i played 19 server lord of ultima without minister and my alliance got below 4 rank evry time but when lord of ultima made cheap fund like 5$ per month for ministers
      then we won 23 server rank 1 … now you can understand how money will effect .
      i m requesting from developers evry gamer want to play this type game but due high minister price most players unlike lord of ultima …i m just saying from my experience.

  • Cylon says:

    You left out the most important fact, spending is limited by the slow accumulation of “Charisma”, so to spend that fantasy amount would take you over a decade, whilst in real life, games will be over within a year usually. And that’s *IF* you only spent your charisma on temples anyway, most use their charisma on more immediate needs, and often have far more important uses for their hoarded charisma. …. In reality, active non paying (or paying) players have always been able to raid bosses for more items than their charisma will allow them to use (Admittedly it’s easier a couple of months into the game, when you have ample spare troops). It would be pretty hard to spend $50 a month in this game, and that’s only by spending it all on items without raiding bosses. If some pay to save themselves the tedium of boss raids, then there is more for the people who need them, what’s more fairer than that?
    Anyway, the game is also a TEAM game, with up to 100 members per alliance, so alliances will always be a mixture of people.

    Best browser based game of it’s genre, EVER 🙂

  • RaspberryWillow says:

    It may have potential.

  • TheGoon says:

    Hook, Line & Sinker – This game has made me an insomniac all over again 😀

  • player says:

    I would like to check this game out but apparently I have to pay to test it.. phhh it is ridiculous!

    • Gryffon says:

      Are you kidding me? They are handing out 3rd beta keys in the forums for free! I know Crown of the Gods team needs money to run, but take a look in the forums, that’s where I got my 3rd beta key. Get one of those and I think everyone with a 3rd beta key also gets 15000 in denari to go with it. Along with the first week of counselors FREE!

  • J3D1NINJA says:

    Its a great game, its a great way to meet new people and to work as a team to make the final goal, Its not easy at first when your learning but people help if you ask.

  • MMOLover says:

    This game is awesome, don’t listen to the haters. Its unlike anything out there on the market.

  • MalaysiaBaby says:

    More Like Crown of The Shit. Don’t play this game.

  • JeSusCoOkies says:

    hah. Oh man. I can do better in RPG Creator.

  • David says:

    Sick Game I ever seen or play. I try to play this bad game. This will rude your time and money!!!

  • TooNami says:

    I have to say…That looks pretty bad. Looks like their white knight developers are below. How can you say credit cards are not a strategy and then later on mention you need to pay for ingame currency to have a certain build continuity. Wow.

  • SammyG says:

    Do not play. This game is highly addictive and there should be a warning label.

  • Bazsiur says:

    Superb game,good company!exciting game. I love it

  • Gropo says:

    Awesome game! Completely addicted! The depth of strategy is “time released” so even a rookie can learn as he/she goes.

  • Polgara says:

    CotG is my favorite game. Although its a War Game, its strategy allows for different playing styles. Whether you’re a warrior or a farmer, this game will keep you coming back. The dev team are present daily, listening to suggestions and offering help and solutions in chats. And chats provide for a strong community base. Try it!!!! You’ll like it.

  • TheDaddy187 says:

    great game… rich or poor, we all have the same chance…

    pvp is best there is…


  • drgonhunter says:

    Very good game, very versatile and no pay to win is ver important to me. It’s also very addictive

  • Shugstorm says:

    Excellent game

  • grimfrid says:

    This is my favourite online strategy game, miles ahead of any other online game I’ve played. There’s a lot to figure out, but people are really helpful here. And if you make some mistakes, there’s always next server. You start out with just one city, and you might think the game is too slow. But once the action really starts, it’s incredibly addictive, and it will easily consume most of your free time, if you let it.

  • Trodo says:

    Awesome. Addictive. Dedicated developers. Very impressed 🙂

  • Davicof says:

    Excellent team-based strategy game that has a great community.

  • RammyRamsden says:

    Brilliant game, strategic but fun to play! Developers actually listen to you and answer questions. 5 stars!

  • SheBug says:

    Great game and dedicated devs! 🙂

  • Nihonto says:

    Was impressed was better than the game it was intended to replace.

  • frank bigi says:

    I was hooked the first day I played. This game is so far advanced compared to other simular games I play. looking forward to a long playing relationship.

    • alan horsman says:

      Best game around – no more cancelling “special offers” to spend money – great game

    • Proxy49 says:

      This is one of the best games i have ever played. It’s very stimulating and intelligent. i call it crack of the gods lol. and it isn’t one of those pay to win games. you can’t even spend a lot if you wanted to.

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