Dead Awaken

Dead Awaken is a free text-based online game that is about zombies. About four months ago zombies started to rise from their chests for the first time. It looks like there’s no hope to survive but zombies can be trained. Although, these zombies are now returning against people. Zombies know how to use everyday items and they can think for themselves. They are stronger and more dangerous than ever. Join this game and defeat zombies forever.

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NB! Dead Awaken is currently OFFLINE
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20 comments on “Dead Awaken

  • Illusive Man says:

    Wow, played this game for a long time…I miss the pastafarians, so many great friendships and great times.

  • peggy stein says:

    Yep, I miss the game as well….. And I met Inky there. Now we play Torn.

  • Inky says:

    Dead Awaken was good and very addictive shame the owner couldn’t be bothered with it.. 10 years + i put into that game can’t say i miss the daily grind of searching the GY.

  • A baby Bunny says:

    Oh god i remember this game. I was part of a few clans. I only really remember some of my last names i went by. Ababybunny, Rabbid island baby bunny. I miss Luvs, and Ciroceo, theirs was the first clan i joined.

  • James Innes says:

    James Innes Multi here i loved this game ans my biggest regret was helping a friend on the same IP and because i was addicted i couldnt resist returning loved getting on the leaderboard for 100 victories 0 deaths ans Keep Away and finding Chicken in the graveyard and just investing it in Intel had more donator days than days played wish they would bring it back

  • Envy says:

    Envy here, you know you miss me.

  • Pleasehelp says:

    Pleasehelp over here…miss the og spartan days when 1k/5k Intell was new and level 25 search was insane..hope all is good with everyone..irken yes

    • Gigglebeard says:

      Why did I google this game in 2020? Also why did I see a post from a guild mate from a few moths ago? who knows(: Anyway, i was feeling nostalgic about the game, and your post made me more nostalgic(: I was Leonidas and gigglebeard back then. I was one of the leaders of the Spartans(:

      It’s strange how long ago that was(:

  • Robert says:

    Was a member of The Psychedelic Circus and saw the Merger with the bastids.. I’m trying to remember the usernames of all my homies from there but its been so long.. User name was Thorion if anyone remembers by chance!! If so hmu @LONEMEDIAPROD miss you guys!!

  • Kitty says:

    Damn. I was hoping this was still around. Princess of Pickpocket/Deadly Deviant here. Glad you’re all still up to no good.

  • Calvin says:

    This game was likely one of the only real, quantifiable addictions I had. Constantly doing calculations in my head, drifting off to sleep wondering if I could really afford that extra +1 from the hideout, all the big new things: introduction of eyeballs, the rise and fall of the Irken Empire, The Psychedelic Circus merger with the Bastids, the strength comeback, donator packs that I bought far too frequently. I miss you all!
    – Calvith or Naxeusyll

  • Scott says:

    Miss this game. Wish they would bring it back!

  • MAC says:

    Dabs to all my Irken Empire Cronies! Hope this message reaches you. Miss you guys and the crap we pulled in that game. This is MAC 😉 the one and only.

  • Jenn says:

    It, for me, was a lesson in patience. Waiting for my refill was maddening. Thank goodness for the forums. I miss that game.

  • Rick says:

    Dead Awaken is a great text based game for those who enjoy building things up over the long term. I’ve played for several years and enjoy the competition and fellowship the game develops. Join up and join a mob or horde and build your character to compete!

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