Domain of Heroes

Domain of Heroes is a fighting browser game where you can complete quests and advance the story. Create a toon by choosing a gender, class, race and faction. You can fight monsters, defeat bosses, assassinate targets, explore dungeons, craft items, collect treasure, deliver items and conquer territories. Earn experience by completing a quest or killing a monster to increase your toon’s level. There’s also a possibility to earn V-experience by fighting human players and conquering territories. Your skills are specific to your race + class combination. You can increase skill levels with skill points which you will receive as you level up.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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NB! Domain of Heroes is currently OFFLINE
Domain of Heroes

One comment on “Domain of Heroes

  • Zoar says:

    This is a great afk kind of game, the player base is very helpful to newcomers and there is no hate chat. I love it!

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