Dragon Knights of Valeria

Dragon Knights of Valeria is a MMORPG with over 600 players. While registering your account you must think about your character’s name, class and level of difficulty. Visit blacksmith to buy weapons and equipment. You can turn gold into experience and dragon points into gold or experience. Gamble in casinos, join a clan or create a clan yourself. Premium shop is meant for upgrading your stats, for example you can purchase sword upgrade, armor upgrade, boots upgrade etc. In the bank you can keep your gold and dragon points in safe. Developed by Crypto Database.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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NB! Dragon Knights of Valeria is currently OFFLINE
Dragon Knights of Valeria

29 comments on “Dragon Knights of Valeria

  • AwadGorg says:

    idk what but there is something wrong with the link every time I click it shows me refused to connect.

  • Mistoltitin says:

    Reminds me of Lefend of the Red Dragon, a BBS Doors game i used to play in the 90s. +1 for the nostaglia.

  • Nope says:

    The game can’t count. (How many letters in this verification code?) Can’t make an account. 1 rating.

    • The Replier says:

      The security question asks how many letters are in the word in, obviously its 2. They cannot help if you are unable to count to 2.

    • ordeith says:

      i think it is you who cant read. how many letters is it in in? ……..IN………not the code.

    • Ender says:

      Dude, just because you can’t count to two, you didn’t need to further demonstrate your stupidity by spamming the game chat the next day with lame homosexual spam messages. At least it gave us all something to laugh at.

  • Pokits says:

    games goin places ! give it a shot , nothin to loose but everything to gain including sum of that highly valuable satoshi coin. Man 1 day that stuf is goin to worth a small fortune. Claim up and save my friends.

  • Pokits says:

    dont know to much about the game yet as ive only just started playing so you can call me a newb. What i can tell you tho is…
    From the moment i joined i was made to feel welcome and the chat channel is good value and full of not only friendly help and advice but heaps of witt and humour ranging from lame to absolutely hilarious

    • Marlenac says:

      Wow what a super sweet thing to say,

      • Pokits says:

        thats cawz im a swell kinda guy. No point baggin sumone or their site or for that matter flamin their comment/s. Its easy to play the prick or wanker but where is the effort or time they have put into anything constructive online? The answer is there isnt, these peeps are a dime a dozen. It takes more than just typing skills to leave sum praise a thankyou or even sum constructive criticism. When we do this we move forward and in the end everyone involved gains from this . Hey if someone needs to be put in there place then do it im not saying otherwise, just be mindfull and dont jump at the chance to slag sumone off cawz the spelling wasnt up to scratch. If that was the case i’d be the worlds biggest wanker

        • Nope says:

          What’s the point in having a verification code if the answer is the same each time? It wouldn’t stop bots if that is the purpose of it. Especially a verification code that is so poorly worded that it can draw players away.

          • The Replier says:

            There’s two verification codes moron, one is randomly generated and the other is static. I’m sure Anarchist doesn’t want idiots like you playing his game if you can’t even figure out what, and I quote from the register page, ‘How many letters are in the word in?’ means. You are a complete and utter idiot.

            2000+ players managed to register, you are the only one who was too stupid to do it.

          • Nope says:

            You obviously can’t quote and you’re probably the owner sucking up to him for “in-game benefits”. It just goes to show how horrible the game community as well as a sucky game. The exact quote is as followed: “How many letters are in in?” Not only is the grammar poor, your attitude is poor and it reflects on the game community. I won’t be responding again and you enjoy sucking up to the owner for what little benefits you have so please continue to indulge yourself. New players will be able to read the comments and realize that the game community can’t take criticism and must be defensive and insult others because their game is poorly designed. Remember, this site is for reviews only and that is what I did. A horrible game and a horrible community. Best of luck with this.

  • darky says:

    nice game 🙂

  • EnderWiggin says:

    Many ways to play. You can play it like a text-based RPG, or send troops into battles for villages and land, or play around in the Market trading resources, shares in the game and quite a few cryptocurrencies. Plus the admin is very responsive and capable. A much better experience than I’ve had at many other crypto-related games.

  • SoulShepherd says:

    Nice game!

  • PiAxD says:

    Nice one !!!
    This game is simple and entertaining !!
    AAAAAnnnnndddd we can win some cash with xD

  • matt says:

    text based, point and click adventures without stress. simple fun

  • Skoty says:

    Love this game only real crypto game thats around to stay! come join me when you get some time to jam! S/N Skoty

  • Welling says:

    Ah… I’m reminded of the days of Infocom…

  • dealingdoom says:

    get paid to play a game nothing is sweeter

  • dealingdoom says:

    the best game ive played for making bitcoins you cant beat it get paid to play a great game

  • Epiales says:

    Come and join the game. Funnest game I’ve played in awhile.

  • williamwonka says:

    very well done – earn $$ by playing?! wtf!

  • SeanP says:

    Worth playing for sure, beats the hell out of almost every other crypto game

  • MarlenaC says:

    Great Game Come Play With Us 🙂

  • OSYA says:

    I like it! Join ….

  • BALROG says:

    Cool Game!

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