DragonRip game is fantasy fighting browser game with multi-device support. Train yourself to become stronger, hunt monsters, do quests and learn new skills. Various fighting fields, auto-attack feature. Gather equipment, gold, experience and gems (can be used for upgrades). You can fight bosses to obtain rare equipment. Train a profession you see fits you the best. Lots of frequent updates. Community is big part of the game.

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38 comments on “DragonRip

  • Bad says:

    Bad, just bad game

  • Mullein says:

    Great game with enough going on to keep you interested, casual enough to be a background game. Great community and the Dev is active and always working on something new.

  • Wixxdee says:

    very great game with active devs, im quite addicted now ^^” always monitoring my character, the game has a great community too just play it 🙂
    super bon jeu les français qui hésiterais je vous le recommande si vous aimez les rpg plein de mécaniques sympas et jeu à moitié idle game de qualité, les devellopeurs qui sont présent sur le chat vraiment un bon moment passé sur le chat et l’anglais franchement c’est pas compliqué meme pas besoin de comprendre sauf pour le chat ^^”

  • Media says:

    good ratio of idle/semi-idle. Very fun game

  • DemonHunter says:

    This game is really awesome and you should take a look at it.
    The community there is friendly and helpful

  • Andrew Stephens says:

    I think this game is great it makes it so you have to grind but it’s a fun grind not some boring watching just words you actually get to see what you’re enemies look like.

  • Gymn says:

    Nice game all arround! I was seeking a game to both invest my time to process without the daily limits/caps and also for few minute breaks to give long term commands. Dragonrip hit the mark, I am glad to be part of this fast growing game.

  • Avra says:

    When you join, join the light! Smite down the darkness with us!

    Fun text game with a good balance of an “energy system” while not hindering you from doing things when you run out, and providing plenty of ways to get energy back without spending money on in-game purchases.

  • Siocled says:

    A fun game that’s strangely addictive! Felt like a slow start, but with quests to guide it’s quick to guide you through the basics until you’re suddenly hours in. Dragonrip has elements of idle game and is perfect to keep open on a second monitor while getting work done.

  • Jamulisprime says:

    This game has enough depth for less casual players to sink their teeth into, and is easy enough for casual people to grasp quickly. The dev seems to be around a lot which is good because absent devs can be the death of games such as this. Give it a try if you like the genre.

  • ninjapretzel says:

    Kind of what I’d expect if RuneScape was an idle game. Has tons of professions which support combat in different ways, and many server-wide events. Consistant 6-second action time/auto-combat, and 120-minute captchas (with rewards!) makes it easy to schedule interactions with the game so you can always make progress.

  • DipperJoe says:

    It is a game with a well developed core and with frequent updates and additions, making it different as time goes by. I enjoy it

  • TheBert says:

    Very well put together and fun game. Been playing since near the very beginning and it is steadilt growing in improvements and player base :2thumbsup:

  • Wrath says:

    Been playing over a year now, a lot of time invested to be the #1 fighter, highest level, most kills, highest slayer level currently in game. I recommend it if you like a good semi idle game that has a lot of features and continuous updates.

  • DAcs says:

    DragonRip is a fresh game(less than a year old) with constant updates, active owner, active community(although sometimes the chat is death). In the beginning the low amount of stamina and the inventory limit is kind of frustrating, but after few weeks of playing the real fun begins.

  • Elhanna says:

    Buen juego, un clasico de los antiguos.

  • Trance says:

    Found this game about 8 months ago and got addicted right away! Really enjoyable game you can have running in your browser while being at the PC

  • Asuna says:

    something different and refreshing..
    fun in its own ways

  • Muzzy says:

    I play a few time and I like a lot.

  • Fuacno says:

    If you like scroller mmo, then you’re in for a threat!

  • Duba says:

    Great game , been playing it for over 8 months. It has progressed a lot in that time frame. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Andy says:

    This is a good game to run in the background to make your work day go by faster.

  • Azzok says:

    Awesome game that can potentially be your new favourite one. Tons of things to do, good community that always help newcomers, the developer is always updating the game with new stuff and you dont need to be advanced in the game to enjoy all of the features such as events, professions or fighting, there is always something to do and something for everyone.

  • Azzok says:

    Great game overall, good ratio of idle/semi-idle to keep you hooked playing all day. Gets updates often and the community is always helping newcomers.

  • Dandalion says:

    Nice game. Its a good blend between Muds and browser rpg like Gladiatus. I Recommend it

  • Wafer says:

    Fun game, lots lots of various things to do

  • studlydolittle says:

    great game , new content being added almost daily , owner very experienced coder , please visit us

  • Luxi says:

    It is a good game. Played over a Year now.

  • cousity says:

    well thought out classic MUD style game.

  • smashed says:

    The admin here codes very fast and has a great understanding of players needs.

  • Chrisoun says:

    Great, well developed game, with rich content .

  • Travis K Flesher says:

    This lowspec text MMORPG is definitely what I’d expect from one in 2018. It has, essentially, utilized all the key points from the past and honed it into an efficient little machine. The difficulty curve is steep and it’s great if you’re in it for the long game, but you can get a lot of achievements from the jump. Give it a shot gentlemen. It’s still fresh and is updated frequently by a very wise coder.

  • Shadow2Duke says:

    Great game very addictive always improving and friendly players.

  • maslina says:

    amazing new game, maslina

  • Cinzy says:

    I like this game ! It’s well done and always improving !

  • Korin says:

    Very fun game. Reminds me of old school fantasy mmo’s.

  • playr says:

    I played this game over 3 months and like it.

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