Eldevin is a browser based 3D fighting MMORPG, a bit similar to Runescape, except in Eldevin everything can be more customized and controls are traditional. No character classes, choose your own perfect combination via Talent tree. Pick your professions and level them up, start crafting and explore the wide map. Good storyline with interesting quests to keep you from grinding.

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Eldevin - browser based 3D fighting MMORPG

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  • Grn[Animal] says:

    I recommend this to anyone looking for an open-world mmorpg game! Skill system is solid. With all the talent trees (http://eldevin.wikia.com/wiki/Talent_Trees), there is a play style for everyone. This is an outstanding professional f2p game, don’t pass it up.

  • Shad says:

    I’ve been playing eldevin since its release in 2013. I’m not an amazing reviewer, but I think this game deserves a review.

    To start off, the first thing most people comment on when they play the game is how much like runescape it seems to look. The resemblance is only skin-deep, however. Eldevin is 100% free to play, as opposed to runescape, where you can play free up to a certain point, and after you run out of content, must pay to go further. Runescape quests are a bit more in depth, but lack a cohesive, overarching story like Eldevin’s do. There are indeed side-quests that are interesting and (mostly) relevant to the story at large. Professions in Eldevin still take a while to max, but nowhere near as long as professions in runescape take.

    +Great Community, very helpful. I always say, “Community can make or break a game!”
    +Story-Driven, while not essential to game play, you’d be missing out not to try it. NO SPOILERS!
    +Completely-Free, if you want to try the game, you can without any cost to you. If you like it, gratz, you found a good game. If you don’t like it, you haven’t invested anything beyond a couple minutes.
    +Downloadable Client/Steam, a browser-based game you don’t have to play in your browser.
    +There is an item shop, but most things are cosmetic. A lot things that are not cosmetic in the item shop can be bought for in game currency (gold) or loyalty points.
    +When you make a new character, you get a massive experience potion, larger than any you can buy with real money.

    -No Auction House, This can make trading difficult sometimes, as there is no place of commerce.
    -No Guild Bank, As of 4/6/2017 there is no guild bank yet. If there was a guild bank, I believe that more crafting guilds would rise up and people would be inclined to do business more often
    -No level 50, Been waiting on the 50th level for a year at least. No word on when that’s coming out.
    -Because of small player-base, can be hard to find a group for things sometimes.

    Overall Rating:

    Could be higher, with the cons, if they came out with a guild bank and level 50 at least, it could fix the small player-base, it isn’t a sure thing though.

  • No Username says:

    If you end up playing this game I strongly recommend avoiding a player named gogsy. He will troll you to no end. Just do yourself a favor and put him on ignore straight away.

  • Joseph H says:

    I’m very happy with Eldevin so far; it’s quite competitive, but it has a small player base. I’ve played almost everyday for a little over one year now. The story behind the game allows one to level quickly through group instances and collect gear along the way.

    The community can be quite helpful too, so if you need help with collecting something, or completing something, there are others that are there to help you.

  • Ray H says:

    I’ve played this game going on 3years.. everyday… yes at this point there is repetition, but free rebuilding of your character(s) every 60 days along with a access to all talent trees applied to a single character offers opportunity to experiment with new builds tailored to advanced dungeons. Levelling thru questing is for the most part a logical progression that leads one to every corner of the kingdom. There are several story lines running thru the quests that adds texture to the game. Finally, the community is the most friendly and helpful I have encountered in many years of gaming.
    The only drawback has been slow development owing to too little revenue to justify allocation of a full development team. But what’s there is outstanding and will keep even the most demanding player engaged for a good long time.

  • troll says:

    U make enemies in trappers Atol & get hard 2 find dungeon group yeah pvp destroyes the gam

  • Esso says:

    Eldevin is great pve game with good pvp. We just need more ppl to play with

  • chris says:

    great game, but there hasnt been an update for quieeettt a while .. it is still worth playing though, very nice community as well.

  • Legoscrub says:

    Fantastic MMORPG, although most f2p mmorpg’s are p2w eldevin reaching max level and getting the best gear can be easily done without spending a dime.

  • Marcus219 says:

    Great game! Love to play it!

  • Unkown says:

    It is a great game with great community you should try it out

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