Elvenar is a medieval game where you can build your own city just the way you want it. You can guide elves or humans, the choice is yours to make. Both races need somebody to lead them. That somebody is you. Lead them towards success, be a victorious leader. Mobile friendly so you can play it using your mobile without being concerned about usual mobile bugs. Design is fancy and fresh, overall it is a responsive design so great things from this game are expected. Very rich and interesting gameplay and of course free to play.

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29 comments on “Elvenar

  • Anonymous says:

    This game is so pay to win it’s embarrassing.

  • Jordi2016 says:

    Don’t waste your time and money with Elevar, I have nothing else to say, you can read all comments to understand how bad this game has become, thanks to developers.

  • Brienne says:

    Developers obviously don’t play the game themselves ! The Orcs residences are far too big (150% the size of Fairy residences) and require too many expansions to raise the population.

    • Louis Leflour says:

      To me it seems to be getting to be a money grab. to buy a one inch square to build on it costs you 1600 gems. Think about it. That’s $32.00 for one square. This has to be the most expensive real estate of any game I’ve ever played. It’s time for them to get real with costs. IT’S only a game!

  • Cazzy D says:

    New neighbours why did they not leave your active neighbours . Instead they change the whole neighbourhood. I have lost neighbour that visited me daily and did fair trades

  • nakedandafraid says:

    terrible game developers abandoned old players for new players, totally boched the battling in the game, they add techs that do nothing and you research things and you get nothing, have the time the quests don’t work, you won’t have active neighbors since they don’t know how to put a map together correctly. over all i’d give game 1 star, try harder next time inno games.

  • colhar says:

    I rated the game as 2 star because the developers are screwing around with the game and have made ridiculous, unwanted changes making battles impossible to win – Beta testers all complained but they still implemented these changes. They DO NOT listen to players and are only in it for the PAY TO PLAY money they can generate.

  • Bon says:

    Once upon a time Elvenar was a decent game. With the new “re-balancing” of battle system elvenar has turned from pay to win into pay to play game. And amount of disrespect towards players is unbelievable. I would not recommend this game even to my worst enemy.

  • Annoyed31 says:

    I’ve played on Elvenar for over 15 months and used to really enjoy it. What has become obvious from recent events is that they don’t care a jot about retaining longstanding players, they just want to get new ones to spend cash on this ‘free to play’ game. They add new content that doesn’t work, after being told by the beta players for weeks it doesn’t work, don’t correct bugs in the game, and accuse people of progressing too far in the game when all they are doing is playing within the game parameters. The latest upgrade was supposed to hinder those further on in the game, whereas it has completely stopped about 99% of players being able to progress, even the new ones. INNO think this is fine…their attempt to get cash out of people again. Beware if you decide to play this game.

  • Disappointed says:

    Big time exploiters. Pure freemium aka pay2win anything.
    Check who owns the innogames. Investment groups and they are there just to make huge profits and don’t care about people at all. With every update they lock more things. Basically the game is becoming watching paint dry. Regarding building your city. But gaining resources you need to be online all the time if you want to gain any expansions. They don’t care about your opinion. Their plan is already engraved in the stone. They only see one way and they’ll not change their behavior. They lie like fighting is always optional. Everything you say to them is offensive. They can’t handle the truth so they ban you.

    If you care about yourself don’t play the game.

  • Player says:

    I gave it 5 stars – beautiful graphics, music, simple gameplay, and since I’m a girl I don’t really want to see fighting, so I can just click ‘Auto fight’. I really like that it’s fantasy-themed, because most of the games I checked are medieval or simple war, sci-fi games. Also, I exactly need game where I don’t need to spend more than 30 mins per day for the game. I think it’s a game which I will play for a long time.

    • Grant says:

      You can’t do that anymore. They changed the battle system and didn’t update the AI that runs the auto fight battles. “They will fix it sometime in the future” is the official word. Probably not a 5 star review anymore?

    • Avoid_Elvenar says:

      Why would being a girl mean that you don’t want to see fighting (or, I assume, do any fighting)? I’m female and the original Doom, for example, is one of my all-time favourite games (it’s a kill-fest “run-and-gun”/FPS-style game, if it’s now so old that nobody remembers it!). Mind you, the Elvenar devs do aim their graphics (by their own admission) at their predominantly female playerbase – athough their decision that this means they have to make everything a violent shade of bright pink and/or purple makes as little sense to me as the view that “girls don’t like fighting”… Anyway. The main thing to know about Elvenar is that it’s a very slow, very dull, and outstandingly greedy “free”-to-play game amongst a mountain of similarly greedy “free” games, and nobody will get anywhere with it unless they’re happy to throw a lot (and we are talking 100s of cash) at the game on a regular basis. The game is stuffed with “Events” designed to suck cash from wallets, with its latest 2019 Winter “Event” striking a new low, being nothing more than a 100% RNG-based simulation of an online slot machine or casino game… interesting choice for a “city-building” game which is cutesy enough to have at least a few children playing. Mixing kiddies and lootbox-addicted adult players with Vegas-style cash-dredging tactics… I only hope they get stopped off in their ever-accelerating “RNG Everything” frenzy by some responsible government, before they do any more harm (and rip off any more gambling-addicted players) than at present. Give this boring game (and its woefully miserable community) a WIDE miss if you want to stay attached to your money and/or have fun… there are many far less greedy and far more enjoyable games out there, and although Elvenar isn’t “officially” PvP (no actual raiding each other’s land or cities), competition *IS* strongly encouraged.

  • uta says:

    When I started playing this game a year ago, it looked promising. It was actually free to play, but I chose to buy diamonds anyway to support the devs. However, it is increasingly becoming nothing more than a money grab with updates making the game play both more and more restrictive and with increasingly less to do unless you cough up endless sums of money, with the recent event we are now even seeing gambling aspects (collect x of y item or pay for them with a % chance to get something you want). Elvenar is basically a grind city builder with nothing to do besides repetitive clicking and waiting, or alternatively fighting encounters which is even more boring after the first few because it takes so long and doesn’t qualify as interesting. It had great potential, but it seems free to play game devs have become incapable of making games that are anything besides money drains nowadays. I recommend buying a download game if your computer can handle it.

  • Frustrated says:

    It has massive potential for being a really good game, but the devs don’t listen, bring out new ill-conceived updates and bugs which are known about in beta are still rolled out on the other servers.
    I have been playing for over a year and with over 200 neighbours discovered just 9 are active, there is no potential to help with the tournaments or to reciprocate with neighbourly visits to give the much needed supplies.
    I am now stuck in an interesting place – I can’t clear provinces to gain Knowledge Points to progress along the tech tree in the Orcs & Goblins latest update, I lose all my troops in about 3 encounters (8 in a province) and would spend all my time trying to build more and I can’t negotiate with goods as I now need orcs as well… I can’t make orcs as I need the Knowledge Points to get to that point on the tree! I could always buy diamonds to progress though.
    I could get knowledge points from tournaments but they are also very troop hungry in the latter stages, negotiating with goods is easy in the first few rounds but becomes prohibitively expensive later on… oh yes, I can buy diamonds to progess though… you see a pattern here?
    By all means play if you don’t mind a game where you are continually in a bottle neck of not being able to produce the required goods in order to continue through the tech tree, where you earn random Rune Shards for wonders which are impossible to build because you many of the shards break… if you like throwing money at a game in order to progress then this is definitely the game for you!
    PS saying a game is mobile friendly doesn’t just mean you can play it on a laptop, it means on a mobile phone!

    • Player says:

      2015, May 17: Players who have been inactive for 30+ days will be deleted from the world map from now on. We are making this change to make sure that the map is filled with active players, and it should improve available trades in the Trader as well as Neighborly Help.
      So I don’t think so that there are now 200 neighbours left, right?

      • Avoid_Elvenar says:

        Before I gave up on this dull, greedy, misrepresented game (its ads bear no resemblance to the tedium of playing it), I can assure you that as of 2019, a large percentage of players, including me, do still have 200 inactive neighbours – or even more. Operating an efficient world map distribution of players is just one of the dozens of simple tasks which the Elvenar devs cannot/do not manage to achieve, presumably in line with their orders from “higher up” (i.e. the venture capitalists who own Innogames) to keep dragging in the cash from Elvenar’s ever-more-demoralised few remaining players. Oh, and the game is now also importing elements of Forge of Empires at an increasing pace, in the hope of grabbing a few discontented FoE players… to the point where it’s fast becoming little more than a clone of FoE, but with over-saturated pink/purple colours which are what its graphics team mysteriously think its majority female playerbase would like to see. Avoid, avoid… avoid.

  • banjax says:

    Fun little time waster destroyed by bugs and a dev team with a rock solid idea of how the game should be played and to hell with what you want. Unplayable without cash and you’re on rails pretty much from the start

  • Marrra says:

    Have played for several months. Be warned: contrary to what Inno claim, you do not have any real choice when it comes to play style. There are mandatory quests to build the barracks, trader and the Magic Academy, none of which are then able to be deleted to allow you to focus on which style you prefer.

    Many people sign up and play for just the introduction and then never play again. This leaves your neighbourhoods devoid of life with few opportunities to network efficiently as the game requires. This is especially problematic with the new Tournaments, as they are a neighbour-based feature.

    Much player feedback seems to be ignored by the developers, leading to the forums being a rather … interesting place.

    The only real plus side for me is that it is not one of those games where you build a city and then have to pay a premium to make sure other players don’t come along and ruin it.

    I would not recommend this game for anyone looking for a long-term home.

  • Grant says:

    1 Star. The game is at the point where the Devs don’t listen, release broken updates, don’t bother to fix those ones, then release something else broken. Which is a shame, as it has great potential.

    Don’t even THINK about going to the forums, anyone with a slight request gets attacked by the usual keyboard warriors.


  • Aplayer says:

    Unless you are into chatting with people on line, this game gets very boring very soon. It has fantastic potential, but Innogames are more interested than forcing you to pay than allowing you to have fun, and then want to pay.
    There is an uproar from players due to recent changes which have been imposed on the game resulting in many to leave. One look at the forums will tell you that it’s not a happy place to be.
    It’s a real shame.

  • Lynxz says:

    If you just wan’t a relaxing game you can log on to a couple of minutes per day without worrying about your village being destroyed while you’re gone I would recommend this game. I have also only had good experiences with the people I met through fellowships (tribes/guilds), everyone has been very nice and helpfull.

    If you wan’t to rise in the rankings fast and maybe become a top ranked players you obviously have to put down some more time and probably pay some money for diamonds though.

  • GregoriousIV says:

    If you enjoy city building type games then give Elvenar a try. I like it because it is challenging. Don’t get me wrong, it can take a while to progress. You can choose two paths: military or economy (although the developers haven’t made it possible to NOT build the barracks and sell it for example). Being in a good fellowship (name for alliance in this game) can make or break your gaming experience. If you want to play this game, ensure you can log in at least once a day to take full advantage of it, join a good fellowship (you will have to leave a few) and vitis other players regularly.

  • miff says:

    I actually REALLY LIKE playing Elvenar
    It is beautiful to look at, fun to play, well thought out and a good strategic brain work out.
    There are optional fights that are fun to do (your specialty troops vs computer generated ones) in increasing difficulty, as you get better at it).
    The city building is well paced, developing your skills of balancing progress with planning.
    My fellowship playing team mates are also happy with it, and are friendly, chatty and helpful.
    The game development is ongoing, plus support team v good.
    Its a game for all ages, and I can recommend it for the more mature gamers, looking for a low stress, beautiful strategy game (and I don’t spend money on it, and I’m doing fine)

  • RandomOne says:

    Pretty nice game and it s not pay to win ofc you can t be top 1 without real money. With a 10 15 min play per day without real money i am in top 150

  • Batboy says:

    Honest opinion about the game is that this is fun for few weeks. After that it gets a bit repetitive. Community is not friendly, mostly teenage boys who are keyboard heroes so expect lots of criticism.

  • PinkLink says:

    Another Pay2Win game. Every click you make, there is a popup that says buy that, and buy this! Basically if i see that a game has even a small premium option, that is a BIG NO. Games selection is wide, why choose to play something that you have to pay for to be better at it.

  • Fremzy says:

    just another mass production game from a big company too much premium content and its pay to win. if you think you will do any good without spending a dime then find another game and dont waste your time

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