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Enthroned is a fighting based browser MMO. For starters choose your favorite race to begin with. Once you feel like dominating, try out the bounty section, might as well be awarded for taking someone down. As expected of text based RPGs you can fight monsters, create or join existing guilds, add bounties and claim them, finding and buying new items, selling your stuff on market etc. This game is quite fresh and is supporting even mobile users. Currently in alpha status with most bonuses pushed up for people to experience more of the game. You can expect new features to be added daily.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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Enthroned RPG

13 comments on “Enthroned

  • Siopotking says:

    Like the feeling of leveling up and gear a character? The feeling of something rare drop for you? A bunch of other crazy people like you to interact with? Then must play this

  • Solunar says:

    So far so good. I am liking this 😀

  • Shalomon says:

    Great text based Clicking game! Really love the new view on different strengths of monsters on different terrains, gives it a kind of RPG feeling! Game is fast, smooth and well worked out! Allround perfect for my addictive spamclicking needs!

  • Musa says:

    Clickity click click click. Easy, fun and addicting!

  • Matt says:

    A great game that captures my attention and holds it with its odd addictive nature. Appearing simplistic it actually has more depth to it than you would realize at first glimpse. I continue to play daily with no regrets. The developer is very hands on is more than willing to take critique as the game continues to grow and improve!

  • Izaak says:

    Amazing effort by the developer. New and interesting take on a classic. The innovative bounty system and guild blessings are genius and the underlying lore is unmatched by any other active game. Comfortable and visually pleasing on both PC and mobile… The addiction is real! #ClaimTheCrown

  • Hawkwing says:

    The pinnacle of rpg text gaming. You will not be disappointed!!

  • Bulgrad says:

    Awesome game can’t stop playing

  • Bluess says:

    This game is great and have good potential indeed. Special gear, special mobs, runes, bounties etc.. If you like games like Shimlar, RWK and immoralattack, this is a game for you, and it has THE BEST playability on a smartphone ever!

  • The Victim says:

    Extremely fun and rather addictive, can’t wait for more features to be released.

  • Harry B says:

    Fun and surprisingly addictive

  • Tim says:

    Easily the best game to play on the phone when you’re on the go a lot. Fun and cool can’t wait to play it all day everyday

  • Nobody Here says:

    beats all the ones out there like it. lots of hard work into it from the maker.

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