Fallen Sanctum

Fallen Sanctum is a free text-based, timer-based RPG with epic battles, quests and achievements. There are lots of creatures to fight, dungeons to explore and dangerous missions to complete. You can explore different locations, gather resources, train skills, get yourself good equipment, earn coins, join/create a guild and chat with others. You should also get woodcutting, because eventually you will need a house to store all your items and keep them safe in a personal house. Gain experience in order to level up. Very active forum and friendly community so you can find answers to all your questions.

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Online creature fighting browser game

19 comments on “Fallen Sanctum

  • Sassie says:

    another game that stinks

  • Heichi says:

    Great game. Definitely worth trying out. There are a lot to do so you will never get bored. The gaming community is friendly and is always eager to help new players. Hope to see you there!

  • Alexa says:

    You have Done a great job on this game Vexx!

  • Vexx says:

    better than sex

  • Popcorn says:

    I have been playing nearly three years, minus a short break, and the game quickly became a favorite of mine. There are many skills to work on, and team work is encouraged! Helpful community with many guilds to choose from. Frequent events and invasions pop up to work on. There are so many factors to the game there just isn’t enough space to write about all of them. Just come give it a try and you will see! The Admin is active in chat and behind the scenes constantly working on improvements, while listening to input from the members. This game absolutely earns 5 stars 🙂

  • DAcs says:

    It’s probably the game with the best events I’ve ever played

  • TearThief says:

    Amazing game, constantly updated, amazing community, honestly what’s not to like? Best text based RPG out there by far (and I’ve tried them all)

  • Princess Buttterfly says:

    I’ve been playing since september and I love this game can’t seem to get enough of it I’m here from the time I wake up in the morning intill I go to bed. Everyone is very helpful when you first start out. So many guilds to choose from . Holiday events are the best because we all become one. Gm and Mods are always here at all time. Love Fallen-Sanctum

  • Sweet_Thing says:

    Good game, been playing since the game came out. Active Admin.. Great Community!

  • SlyTheFantastic says:

    Great game, active community, very active developer

  • Thor67 says:

    Been playing this game for 2 1/2 years now and I love it. The community is very helpful and friendly, with lots of banter. The GM is very active, both with updates, holiday events and in chat, where he will bounce ideas off the community and is very responsive to feedback.

    I highly recommend this game.

  • cari says:

    great game, lots of skills to choose from, and a great group of players

  • FriedPotato says:

    great game 🙂
    only min side is: it’s very addictive

  • Soy says:

    Active GM, great community. Fun game!

  • Vlomaster says:

    Great Game! Vexx is a good active owner as well!

  • fraggel says:

    Great game, constantly evolving, which keeps us on our toes!

  • Mindy says:

    I will give you guys 5 stars and vote for the game if I could come back

  • Flixy says:

    good game, i’m in top 10 😀

  • Ebulinsky says:

    The world map is awesome, huge territory and game itself is not too easy which might be frustrating at the beginning, but it’s worth a try, 5 starts!

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