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Fallen Titans

Fallen Titans is a futuristic fighting based RPG. Characters have different bonuses: Phoebe (Healing), Iapetus (Health), Hyperion (Strenght), Crius (Defense) and Cron (Speed). Attack other players to steal gold and to gain experience. Join a clan or create your own. Complete missions, each mission takes a certain minutes to complete. You can face fierce Boss creatures once you’ve reached level 75. You can buy weapons and armors to increase your strength and defense skills, weapons can also be upgraded. Buy stocks, wait for the price to increase and sell for profit.

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Fallen Titans

2 comments on “Fallen Titans

  • Boss666 says:

    I liked it. The main aim of the game is to be the best. Upgrade your ‘Titan’ in Laboratory. Sometimes there is a lack of players to attack but Map filled with NPC helps in this case. Beating NPCs also gives some resources.
    Weekly rankings bring some competition to the game. Including both clans and players.
    Overall game itself seems to be ‘spinning’ around getting resources and spending them on upgrades.

  • Deivis says:

    To add up this game has Map full of NPCs what lets players fight all the time. Currently there is Easter event going on. This event should really help new players.

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