Fleet Wars

Fleet Wars is a free multiplayer sci-fi game. Your fleets are led in battles by commanders. You could become the expeditioner, militant, economist or scientist. Raid Empire includes players and empires that you can attack. Make sure you choose the right fleets to send on a mission – it’s all about balancing Fleet Strength vs Morale Reduction. Build cities, increase the population, collect taxes and earn Credits. Design your ships, improve ships shield effectiveness, build ships and use battle strategies. You will get experience by destroying ships in combat. Fleet Strength determines your ranking place as it’s the most important value in the game.

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Fleet Wars

3 comments on “Fleet Wars

  • Guy Spasic says:

    Sorry there is no app yet. We are working on creating native apps for Android and PC.

  • Cap0n3 says:

    Does it have an app?

  • gAnGster pikachu says:

    Good support staff , nice graphics *really nice 🙂 ,ship desgin , fleet formations , planetry upgrades… 🙂 all awesome feels as if i’m desgining ships in real life 🙂 & yes ! You need not to play all day & night. Even if all yours ships gets destroyed someday you can build them back in a day or two…. all in all good game & worths playing 🙂 – join me on fw if you like username gAnGster_Pikachu free user but top player 😉

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