Game of thrones: Winter is coming

Gtarcade has released a Game of Thrones inspired browser game in 2019. You can conquer Westeros and prove your skills to other players. Huge global servers for massive battles (10k troops battles). Prove your skills, build your castles and embrace the detailed 3D artwork throughout the whole game. Build your army from scratch, try different units, placements and tactics to outsmart other players. Following the story starting with “Ned” stark. Main aim of the game is strategy and army building with various game modes and different terrains with various weather types. Both PvP and PvE (missions) possibilities.

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Game of Thrones: Winter is coming browser game

3 comments on “Game of thrones: Winter is coming

  • Jacob says:

    Is this game for iOS? I can’t seem to find it, assuming the name is game of thrones:winter is coming

  • Lukk says:

    The intro is a bit slow because of the forced tutorial, but after a while when you start interacting with other players it sure gets tense. I have made more enemies than friends tho 😀

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