HackerForever is an online hacking based TBBG. Community-centered, timer-based, PvP-oriented, free2play BG (premium subscription possible, for comfortable options/customizations only). There are different ways to get XP, Skill and Cash (also non-PvP) where XP/Level fullfil prerequisites; cash mostly buys hard- and software, hardware and skill determine timers and succes-rates.. interesting / ‘hard to master’ game and fighting mechanics. Community and clan system are key to the game and game play. Additional PvP modes due to ‘PvP-games’ (inspired by CTF, KotH).

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26 comments on “HackerForever

  • Kimberly Robert says:

    Beware of scammers i have been scammed 3 times because i was trying to know if my husband was cheating until i met this hacker named; (keyloggershacker@gmail.com) who helped me hack into my spouse phone for real this great hacker hacked into my spouse whats-app messages,Facebook messages.text messages,call logs,deleted text messages,bitcoin account and many more i was impressed with his job and he brought me results under 24 hours believe me he is real and his services are cheap and affordable.

  • Phloh says:

    It was really good , currently the community is migrating to EndlessHacker, come and join! (it’s the same base code + better)

  • Dayu says:

    GOs are ***RACISTS***

  • Edboy says:

    When it comes down to it, cool to try out for a bit. But pretty mundane. Great community though if you’re looking for that.

  • Solomon says:

    The game has just entered V10! No other hacking game has such an active and friendly community as this one! Make sure to give it a try. By far one of the best.

  • MissToshi says:

    this is an awesome game. I”m so addicted to it. And the players… wow we are like a big community.

  • R2Guy says:

    You’ll spend months on end playing this great game!

  • Faggamuffin says:

    It’s a good game. Happy hackin

  • F4N70GRIM says:

    Great game with easy game play, easy to understand and have a nice UI. I recommend this game for those who are looking for challenge and fun in this hacking simulation game.

  • AdtClone says:

    Love this game, it will continue to improve and community is amazing.

  • Matteo says:

    I love this game.

  • X_Sploit says:

    A unique experience in the eyes of the mysterious hacker. Hack both players and AI, then erase your trace. A friendly competitive community with gameplay focused around hacking while trying to remain anonymous. However counter play is also very interesting because you can never stay 100% anonymous and eventually someone will find you.

  • fno112 says:

    Great game. Nice and friendly community as well. Recommend that you take a look in the “Game and support chat”

  • Tonybob says:

    Good game they unbanned me because they nice

  • Anthony says:

    They fucking banned me when I did nothing wrong.

    • Christy Parks says:

      like i wouldnt have gotten over 300gs from someone not even 4 hours of playing with a message saying ” because ur such a nice person, have some cash ” if i wasnt nice. so how does nice get banned?!

  • bs.esc says:

    add me as friend

  • Alex says:

    Really nice game. Enjoying it a lot 🙂

  • CipheredData says:

    Fun game, great community. Isn’t a waste of time just dropping in.

  • Ew0lf says:

    Its a great game !
    highly recomended !

  • packmanx45 says:

    i think this is a great game i just love it.

  • peboeka says:

    well,its a great game,it has a awesome community,just a fun game to be part of.

  • FiryalYay says:

    Hackerforever is purely click to click game without any hacking experience needed, allowing everyone to play. Another perfect time killer.

  • ZeroCool says:

    Great browser game, that also works very well on my mobile phone. It has the hacker-feel and look and has a great community. Love it to bits.

  • RoX says:

    I was kinda expecting it to be more Hacker-themed. But there is nothing to do with your hacking knowledge in there, just another click-click game.

  • CroNutz says:

    As most similar games are all GYM and CRIMES. This one is very unique, both gameplay and the mature friendly players in it. Try it, its worth the time.

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