Islandoom is a strategy based browser game. You can pick a nation between Divitos, Medius, Furium and Armun. Graphics and Illustrations are top notch, gameplay and goals are easy to understand. You command and grow your island to become more wealthy and powerful. Explore new areas and form alliances and trade with other players. Complete missions and collect useful items. Manage your economy and construct ships and buildings. Once you feel powerful enough, try PVP duels. Game also has main goal – to capture a certain Fortress.

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2 comments on “Islandoom

  • Huly says:

    Is it a typical P2W?

    • Kuba says:

      Hey Huly, there are no P2W elements in Islandoom to be honest. You can spend your premium points on speeding up building construction, get protection from enemy attacks for a period of time, but only your strategic thinking and cooperation with others can lead you to victory.

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