KingsRoad is a true browser based action RPG, nice oldschool Diablo feel. Not overpowered Pay2Win like other similar games. You can choose between a Knight, Wizard and an Archer. After completing a dungeon manually, you can use auto attack and loot mode to avoid manual grinding. Can be played solo or with a team. Weekly events, PvP arena, quests. Doesn’t require high-end PC to play.

In a category: 3D browser MMORPG
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KingsRoad - Online action RPG

3 comments on “KingsRoad

  • Wintermute says:

    Play it. And hate yourself later, when you are in the Hamster-Wheel.

    Grumble only, ONLY wants you money, and that FAST.

    They are starving…

  • 4 year player says:

    Completely p2w, outrages on prices, need $1000 a month to stay current, constant changes to try and make you purchase. Look elsewhere!!

  • Anonymous says:

    No updates, gets repetitive quite fast, and the bugs – not sure they even try to fix them. Otherwise a pretty decent retro game, used to be much more popular than it is know. Kinda wish there were more different maps to explore.

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